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Cognigy releases Alexa Skills Kit integration

Amazon Echo Dot

Starting with Cognigy 2.3, Cognigy expands its lineup of Natural Language Processor (NLP) connectors to include Alexa’s native intent and entity mapping capabilities.

Starting today, Cognigy’s Alexa Skill Kit integration allows users to take advantage of Alexa’s native intents and slot directly within Cognigy Flows, in addition to Cognigy’s embedded intent and entity mapping tools. Users now have freedom of choice in which tools sets to use to achieve their desired interactions with customers.

When using the Alexa Skill Kit, the Cognigy’s connector exposes any intent and slots directly into the Cognigy Flow Editor, just as if they had been detected by Cognigy’s own NLP engine. This allows users to migrate or extend already existing Alexa skills with Cognigy’s value added features. Additionally, Cognigy users can enrich those skills with additional capabilities offered by Cognigy.AI, such as persistent context tracking, clarification questions, in-conversation database and API access, control over Alexa Cards and more.

This open approach to embracing 3rd party NLP engines give users flexibility and choice, while protecting existing investments in conversational customer experiences, and accelerates speed and ease of conversational AI deployment. In addition to supporting the Alexa Skill Kit, Cognigy also released support for Google DialogFlow (formerly API.AI) and Microsoft LUIS.

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