Benefits for service departments

A chatbot can handle a wide range of customer inquiries. By adding a chatbot or voicebot as a virtual employee to your customer service team, you can handle customer queries quicker and more reliable.

Respond instantly with ‘always-on’ support

Forecasts predict that 85% of all customer interactions will be handled without a human agent by 2020. Why?  Because businesses that are using Conversational AI for customer support can address tier 1 customers queries 24x7 faster and with more accuracy than any human service agent.  With Cognigy.AI, convert your FAQs into natural text or voice conversations to handle your incoming queries and let the platform’s machine learning improve service with each call.

Reduce call center costs

A robust Conversational AI engine can cut costs 60-80% below outsourced call-centers.  How much are you spending to recruit, hire, and train call center staff?  What about the incremental cost and loss of institutional knowledge when attrition takes place?  Don’t overlook healthcare and performance incentive costs.  Design Cognigy.AI conversations one time, allow its advanced machine learning to continuously learn and improve, and simply update your conversation flows when you want to add new information.  No additional training required, no mistakes, and a fraction of the cost.

Access new geographies with minimal investment

Thinking about extending business into new geographies?  With excessive investments needed to staff and train your own service team or outsource to a call center vendor, why not test your market before making material resource commitments?  With Cognigy.AI, you can replicate the dialog flows, lexicons and consistent learnings from one geography for fast time to launch in another.  And Cognigy.AI supports all languages including double-byte character sets.  Grow rapidly and leverage Cognigy.AI for fast access into new markets.

Eliminate service capacity issues

Worried about customer call surges during business hours?  How about when staffing is light during evenings, weekends, or holidays?  Customers expect service whenever they call, even if it’s after hours.

Let Cognigy.AI take that headache off the issues list.  Cognigy.AI can scale to meet even the heaviest of capacity needs without upsetting your customers with long-wait times or pushing your call center beyond its limits.  Scaling is instant and automated.

Create your future conversations with COGNIGY.

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