Conversational AI and User Experience Pioneer, Sascha Wolter, joins Cognigy

VeloWerks and Cognigy announce Strategic Partnership

San Francisco, CA – 27 March 2018 – VeloWerks Digital, a digital effectiveness agency, is delighted to announce its strategic partnership with Cognigy, a leading software provider of AI-based natural language solutions.  The two organizations will be partnering to envision deeper engagement solutions for brands that want to connect with their audiences at scale with a contextual, AI-based conversation that spans Facebook, Alexa, Web, VR/AR and embedded technologies.  Cognigy was cited in the 27 February 2018 Gartner research note titled, “Digital Disruption Profile: Conversational UX”.

According to Roberto Balmaseda, President and Founder of VeloWerks, “In the past 12 months, we have noticed a significant shift in our clients’ needs to mature from a one-way website dialogue, to a two-way, contextual conversation with their customers and prospects. With many solutions in the market, we carefully evaluated varying vendors that bring not only the best product but also understand the needs of the market.   We were delighted to discover a platform like Cognigy, which has balanced their tools to address the needs of both business users and developers.” Read more


Cognigy cited in Gartner Report on Conversational UX


San Francisco/Düsseldorf, 20.03.2018  – Cognigy was cited in the 27 February 2018 Gartner research note titled, “Digital Disruption Profile: Conversational UX”.

As conversational interfaces are becoming more widely adopted by customers across commercial and government enterprise, organizations are looking to industry experts to guide them about which solutions are best for their business and how they can transform their business in a way that is going to drive revenue and increase customer satisfaction across these new channels.

As mentioned in the research note, “By 2020, over 500 million consumers will make purchases using voice-enabled conversational AI on digital commerce platforms, growing from 160 million today.” At Cognigy, we believe that this is driven by the novel user experiences that chat and voice-based interfaces can deliver. Personalized, conversational interfaces will augment traditional interfaces such as websites and apps and will in turn lead to more personalized, intimate user experiences and customer satisfaction. Read more

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