Cognigy expands rapidly in North America

San Francisco, CA – 16 March 2018 – Cognigy, the leader in conversational artificial intelligence platforms that allows you to build advanced conversational AIs within minutes, today announced steps for further expansion into the North America market.

Cognigy opened its regional North America headquarters in the heart of San Francisco at 535 Mission Street. The regional headquarters provides a new venue for Cognigy.AI to increase customer focus and respond to demand in a key market that continues to grow.

Cognigy is pleased to strengthen its North America executive ranks with the addition of digital technology executives, Derek Roberti and Andy Van Oostrum, to the leadership team.

Technology Leadership: Stanford PhD and 15-year technical services executive, Derek Roberti, is leading the Cognigy.AI technology services team as North America Technology VP. With a career spanning product development, data services, technical training, support, and pre-sales, Derek will focus technology services on customer enablement and solution support.“I am thrilled to head up the North America technical services team,” said Roberti. “Cognigy.AI is the only product on the market that takes a platform approach, allows for complex interactions – across systems, data stores and clients — and puts the user experience first. But Cognigy.AI doesn’t leave the developer behind. If you want to code, Cognigy.AI exposes all its objects to the modern JavaScript developer and enables the developer and business user to work in tandem.”

Sales Acceleration: Winning 20-year sales executive, Andy Van Oostrum, has joined Cognigy.AI as VP of North American Sales. Van Oostrum, a marketing/tech luminary who has held board of director positions at the American Marketing Association, Portland Advertising Federation, and SOLVE, will build Cognigy.AI’s partner ecosystem, drive client engagement in the categories of both voice and text virtual assistants, and lead North America sales efforts.According to Van Oostrum, “Cognigy.AI addresses a far-reaching opportunity in the market. Companies are just starting to uncover what conversational artificial intelligence can do for their business but, at the same time, they are immediately behind the curve. With the ever-complex landscape, businesses must be able to build conversation flows once and leverage them across devices, channels, applications and modality. There is huge value in being able to adapt at speed.”

According to Cognigy CEO, Phillip Heltewig, “I couldn’t be more excited about our aggressive expansion plans to address market demand in North America. With the opening of our North America headquarters and the on-going addition of executive bench strength in the company, Cognigy is poised for continued success.”

COGNIGY.AI is an enterprise software product that enables the creation, deployment and maintenance of natural language conversational AIs, either in spoken or written form. The framework includes all components necessary to run across channels (such as Facebook, Alexa, Web, VR/AR, embedded), including NLP (Natural Language Processing), NLU (Natural Language Understanding), answer generation (Cognigy Flow Engine), conversation analytics, and interfaces for marketing/communication teams. If you want to learn more, schedule a demo today.

COGNIGY.AI 2.7 Released

COGNIGY.AI 2.7 has been released with more amazing features to help you create amazing conversational AIs. See below for our top 4…

1. Support for ALL languages

You read right! We now support ALL languages through the introduction of our new Generic Language option.

This option allows you create Flows for any input language, no matter if it’sArabic, Russian, Japanese or even Klingon (no kidding!).

Flows built in the Generic Language still have full access to all Flow features and slots and become even more powerful through the next feature – Rule Intent.

Head over to the documentation site for more information.

2. Rule-based Intent Mapping

COGNIGY.AI’s machine learning-based intent mapper is one of the strongest in the industry, but what if you want to simply say “all utterances that include the word ‘order’ and a slot of type ‘food’ should be identified as intent ‘orderFood’“?

This is now possible with our new Rule Intents that sit alongside the regular ML Intents. You can create any number of CognigyScript based rules that will be executed against the user input and if the rules evaluate to TRUE, the intent is found.

Check the documentation for more.

3. Public Analytics Endpoint

As of this version, you can access your Flow analytics from our public analytics OData endpoint at

Using OData, you can easily integrate your Flow analytics data into Excel, PowerBI or other analytics tools of your choice. Common OData features, such as $filter, $select, $top, $skip, etc, are fully supported.

Please check the documentation for details on authentication, etc.

4. Improved SAY Nodes

In previous versions, the output of a SAY Node was randomly selected from all provided sentences. You now have three options:

– Random
Picks a random sentence from the provided ones

– Linear Execution
Executes the sentences in the order they were provided, one by one, each time the Node gets hit. It stops at the last element and keeps repeating it.

– Linear Loop Execution
Works like the Linear Execution, but starts at the first element again once the end of the list has been hit.

Albeit a small change, it makes conversation much more natural (“hi”, “oh, hi”, “hi”, “well, we already said hi”, “hi”, “ok, not sure why you keep repeating that, but hello again“).

COGNIGY.AI enables fully-disconnected, embedded Conversational AI

The German conversational artificial intelligence company today announced a new version of their award-winning software COGNIGY.AI which is now available for embedded devices and can run fully disconnected from the cloud. Using this solution, enterprises can bring cutting-edge conversational capabilities to their solutions at a level of quality that was previously only possible by using cloud-connected services.

San Francisco / Dusseldorf, February 16th 2018. Today, Cognigy, the company behind the industry-leading conversational AI solution COGNIGY.AI, announced that their software can now run fully disconnected on stand-alone devices.

As a proof-of-concept, Cognigy showcased the integration of COGNIGY.AI on the NVIDIA Jetson TX1 platform, which uses a combination of an ARM CPU and Nvidia GPU to power their advanced machine-learning algorithms. With this newest release of their software, COGNIGY.AI can run fully disconnected, meaning no internet connection is needed — a great advantage in applications where connectivity is an issue, such as industrial applications, robotics, aviation, automotive and defence.

“This is a first in the industry”, says Philipp Heltewig, CEO of Cognigy. “The applications made possible by our embedded solutions are incredible and with this solution it is now possible to deliver conversational AI on embedded platforms at a quality that was previously only possible with cloud-connected solutions.”

Cognigy is already working with a number of large international enterprises on integrating their technology with leading embedded speech-to-text engines, together forming the perfect symbiosis for embedded, disconnected, high-quality, end-to-end conversational artificial intelligence solutions.

Find out more about Cognigy at or contact us via email at

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