Enterprise-grade, centralized artificial intelligence for voice and chat solutions.

What it does and how it works.


COGNIGY.AI lets you build cross-channel voice and chat user interfaces for holistic customer journeys using cutting-edge natural language processing technology.

COGNIGY.AI is your central AI to power conversations through all your voice and chat channels (Alexa, IoT Devices, Mobile, Websites, Facebook, Messenger, VR and more). Our graphical conversation Editor – Cognigy Flow Editor TM – enables you to build powerful AIs with just a few clicks.

Our AI uses enhanced machine learning driven neuronal networks to enhance language understanding and improved intent handling to provide meaningful user conversations across time. Using COGNIGY.AI voice analytics, collected data about user conversations can be used to continuously improve your AI.

Connect your unified data sources or IoT data hubs to enable context aware, data driven user conversations and take action based on user’s spoken input.

Omni-Channel AI

Smart Conversational Technology for Voice and Chat

Cognigy provides a scalable, secure and fully customizable artificial intelligence environment, where you own the data and which integrates well with your existing data-sources, such as databases or APIs. A seamless end-to-end solution to speech-enable your devices and applications (B2B2C) for intelligent communication with your users via naturally spoken dialogue or chat.



  • Enterprise software – installation as on-premise rent subscription software
  • Under your control and with full data privacy
  • Project-, development and release management for all natural user interactions (chat & voice) in a centralized environment
  • Full access to conversation analytics to help you create a customer-centric solution

Omni-Channel / Cross-Channel

  • One AI to power all channels (Alexa, IoT devices, mobile, websites, chatbots, VR and more)
  • Provide customers a unique user experience across interfaces
  • Seamlessly start a conversation on one channel and switch to another without losing context
  • Integrate with other digital marketing channels for increased conversion rates

ML-based / Self-Improving AI

  • Machine-learning based Intent Mapping with full grammatical analysis for high accuracy
  • System generalizes intents from just a few examples
  • Ability to reconfirm unclear intents directly with the user and learn from all user’s responses
  • Implements a novel approach with no initial data requirements (instant availability of functionality)

Graphical Conversation Engine

  • Graphical Conversation Editor (Cognigy Flow Editor)
  • Advanced keyword detection
  • Context aware (current and past conversations)
  • Handles text & data (e.g. for IoT devices)
  • DB and API access directly from within conversation
  • Full exposed API, extensible through standard JavaScript/TypeSript
How COGNIGY.AI interacts with the user.