See how you can engage with your customers in a new way using COGNIGY.AI. From Chatbots over Voice Assistants to Websites, Robotics and VR, we got you covered.


Facebook, Slack, Skype and more

  • Build advanced chatbots using our graphical editor
  • Add 1.5 billion Facebook users to your digital marketing
  • Make your products and services accessible through chat
  • See detailed analytics on what your users are talking about

Voice Assistants

Alexa, Google Home, Cortana and more

  • Create unique, voice-driven user experiences
  • Let your AI speak to your users in natural language
  • Let users request information and trigger sales directly by voice
  • Integrate the voice channel into your digital marketing mix

IoT & Robotics

Direct integration of AI into your devices

  • Add conversation abilities to your products
  • Let users control the device’s behaviour via speech
  • Hold natural conversations with your device
  • Make your products accessible to anyone

See a video of Cognigy integrated into Pepper here.

Web & Mobile

Websites, Mobile & Tablet Apps

  • Add unique chat and voice experiences to your apps
  • Use native mobile capabilities (Siri, Google Now or Cortana)
  • Control your application’s behaviour from the AI
  • Engage in a real conversation with your users


Add voice to your virtual worlds

  • Add a new level of immersion to your VR & AR projects
  • Let players talk to your NPCs in natural language
  • Control NPC behaviour from within the AI
  • Fully integrated with Unity©

See a video of our Unity integration in action here.

Create your future conversations with COGNIGY.

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