Solution Channels

Keep up with customer expectations as they shift to mobile and engage through chatbots, voice assistants, IoT and more. Whichever channel your customer chooses for interaction, we have you covered.


Facebook, Slack, Skype and more

  • Build advanced chatbots with ease using the graphical editor
  • Deliver 24x7 personalized customer service at a fraction of the cost
  • Add 2 billion messaging app users to your digital marketing
  • Launch conversational commerce to accelerate revenue growth
  • Engage your employee-base efficiently with real-time answers to their questions
  • Learn from detailed analytics about what your users are talking about

Voice Assistants

Alexa, Google, Cortana and more

  • Tap into the vast and growing network of digital assistants
  • Create unique, voice-driven user experiences to drive your business
  • Add new low-touch, high volume commerce channels
  • Scale your customer service capabilities with automated smart conversations
  • Spin up pilot projects fast to test ideas and accelerate innovation
  • Integrate voice into your digital marketing mix

Mobile Experience

Smart phones, tablets, and websites

  • Access Facebook Messenger, WeChat, WhatsApp, and Slack communities to grow business
  • Track with rapidly growing voice-activated mobile applications like Siri, Google, and Cortana
  • Design experiences to meet the requirements of your mobile consumer
  • Address your customers’ needs with context, right when and where they need it

IoT & Robotics

Integrate AI into your devices

  • Add conversation abilities to your products
  • Innovate with connected vehicles, appliances, and devices
  • Give your users hands-free, voice-activated device control
  • Power your portion of the world’s 8.4 billion connected things with AI

Watch the video of Cognigy.AI integrated with Pepper...


Add voice to your virtual worlds

  • Add a new level of immersion to your VR & AR projects
  • Let players talk to your non-player characters in natural language
  • Control non-player character behavior from within the AI
  • Fully integrate with Unity©

Watch the video of Cognigy.AI integrated with Unity©...

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