A More Digital-Centric Approach to Insurance and Outreach

What are leading insurance executives thinking for 2022? Together with Reuters, we have collated insights shared at The Future of Insurance USA 2021, so you can discover how Insurance is evolving to be more cost-effective and consumer-conscious through data, analytics, machine learning, and automation.

See perspectives from global Insurance leaders including Allstate, Prudential Group, Northwestern Mutual, Guardian Life, Ameritas, Plymouth Rock Home, Neptune Flood & Grange Insurance, QBE North America.

Key Takeaways To Look Out For:

  • How to ensure insurance agents meet customer needs in a contemporary way that is affordable, simple, connected
  • 4 key customer journey touchpoints and moments of truth
  • How the rise of AI/ML and automation platforms are transforming processes, enabling faster claims processing, predictive pricing, improved underwriting and fraud detection
  • Why there is the importance of understanding relationships holistically, underpinned by a digital-first outlook

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