publication dateJan 7, 2021
reading time6 min

Customer Interview: How ARAG leverages Conversational AI

written by: Samuel Pais
I'm a Digital Marketing enthusiast first and a podcast-lover second. Happy to share success stories and powerful use cases of our beloved Cognigy.AI customers.

For several years ARAG has worked with Cognigy.AI to drive service excellence and process automation. Dr. Ina Baumann, SVP IT-Steering at ARAG and responsible for ARAG's Conversational AI initiatives, spoke in an interview with Cognigy's Senior Technology Evangelist Sebastian Glock about ARAG's pioneering role in conversation-based customer service automation and agent support. 

Watch this 15-minute interview and get: 

  • Practitioner insights on the business impact of bots and virtual agents 
  • Learnings, challenges, and best practices for a Conversational AI strategy 
  • Practical advice on how to implement and scale Conversational AI enterprise-wide  


Thanks to Ina and ARAG for this interview! 




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