Actionable Strategies for Driving Results with Intelligent Automation

Business Leaders Fireside Chat | Hosted by Kofax

Getting Practical about What it Takes to 'Win the Turn' with Intelligent Automation

Listen to a 30-minute virtual panel between three business leaders as they discuss how organizations can be innovative in maintaining business continuity, especially during this challenging period. This conversation will focus on how digital transformation strategies might evolve during this period, to ensure they continue to bring benefit to the business. We’ll get practical concerning how omnichannel experiences and automation come together to help organizations continue to deliver to their customer, especially in a world where remote interaction will become the foreseeable ‘new normal’.

Key Takeaways:

  • How digital transformation initiatives should evolve/pivot to bring continued value to the business during this time period.
  • How terms like ‘omnichannel’ and ‘Intelligent Automation’ practically translate into business continuity and better touch with customers
  • Digital transformation technologies that should be part of every leading company’s priority ‘tool kit’ during this period…above and beyond office productivity tools and communication platforms
  • How and where to get started right now


  • Chris Huff, Chief Strategy Officer at Kofax
  • Philipp Heltewig, CEO/Co-founder of Cognigy
  • Joseph Haroun, Vice President of Professional Services at Windmill
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Listen to the Virtual Panel

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