The Ultimate WhatsApp Chatbot Guide



How to develop and integrate chatbots with WhatsApp for customer service and commerce

Timely, secure and convenient ways to communicate have never been more relevant. WhatsApp as the largest messaging platform in the world and connects over 2 billion users every day there is nothing is more convenient than a quick chat in everyone's favorite app. But WhatsApp is not only used  privately – over 5 million businesses connect with their customers via messaging, for example, by using chatbots. 

Creating a chatbot used to be a labor-intensive process, but chatbot platforms like Cognigy.AI help simplify the process and serve customers successfully. Having the power to bring conversational commerce and customer experiences to life, chatbots combined with the WhatsApp Business API represent a win for both businesses and customers: 

  • Massively scale up customer conversations with a chatbot ecosystem that is able to grow on demand
  • Free up human agents to work on more complex customer issues
  • Increase user satisfaction by providing fast and frictionless customer service experiences

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