Automating your way to sales success between Black Friday and Boxing Day

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In our recent webinar on automating your way to sales success during the holiday period, we were joined by retail and customer experience experts from Global Marketplace, CXpert, Cognigy and Rise.CX.

Our panel of experts will:

  • Talk to the current situation in the online retail market
  • Highlight differences between 2020 and 2021 retail market and customer expectations
  • Touch on smart vs dumb conversational AI
  • Delve into real-life success stories in conversational AI automations 
  • Share key success criteria for a retail conversational AI implementation

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Our speaker panel: 

Grant Arnott

Grant Arnott, Executive Chair, Global Marketplace

WIN_20211007_17_02_30_Pro (3) Headshot - Colour
Guy Elliott, Head of Customer Experience and Carla Gianinotti, Practice Business Delivery Lead at Rise.CX 

Ben Motteram headshot Bora Wiemann

Ben Motteram, Founding Principal of CXpert and Bora Wiemann, Manager Strategic Partnerships, APAC at Cognigy

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