Extend Intelligent Automation with AI to Create More Frictionless Customer Experiences

White Paper

"The convergence of Conversational AI and Kofax Intelligent Automation plays into an extended omnichannel experience meant to facilitate faster, more personalized and responsive customer service."


Key findings from the whitepaper:

- "The market for conversational AI is projected to reach $15.7B by 2024 and is growing at CAGR of 30%, as more and more organizations consider chat solutions to be a relevant component of any customer experience transformation effort." — Deloitte Digital

- Cognigy offers pre-built integrations between Cognigy.AI and KTA, Mobile ID Capture, Capture, Transformation and SignDoc providing a conversational input to trigger and enrich processes managed by Kofax technologies.

- Cognigy connects Kofax technologies with consumers’ preferred messaging channels -- web chat, SMS, WhatsApp, Slack and others.

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