AI's Ascendance in Contact Centers: New Trends Redefining the Entire Experience 

June 20
9 AM (PT) | 12 PM (ET)


Explores 2024 trends propelling the ascent of AI Agents and intelligent assistants

As automation takes center stage in the AI landscape, the emergence of AI-powered Agents in contact centers is reshaping customer support paradigms. How will an AI workforce impact the contact center and what should enterprises do to prepare?
Join Aragon CEO Jim Lundy and Cognigy VP of Marketing Alan Ranger for an insightful conversation that explores 2024 trends propelling the ascent of virtual AI agents and intelligent assistants. From revolutionizing customer support to augmenting enterprise workforces, hear real stories about enterprises that are embarking on bold AI journeys for next-gen efficiency, productivity and CX.  
What you'll hear:
  • New trends driving the rise of AI agents and intelligent assistants 
  • Real-life stories about how work in the contact center is changing with an AI workforce working alongside human agents 
  • Essential preparation strategies for enterprises to augment their workforce with AI 

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