Knowledge AI

Reimagine customer and agent experiences with LLM-powered Q&A and enterprise search


Cognigy Knowledge AI

Combining cutting-edge Conversational AI, Large Language Models, and vector search technology, Cognigy Knowledge AI empowers you to drive CX innovation with next-gen generative question answering

ChatGPT for Your Enterprise

Imagine a leading-edge AI Agent that knows all your support knowledge, can carry out transactions, and instantly answer any customer question. That's Cognigy Knowledge AI. 

Leave behind tedious management of complex FAQ documents and workflows. Easily connect enterprise knowledge sources and launch your AI Agent in no time.

CX Innovation

Amaze customers with precise, contextual answers that are dynamically generated across structured and unstructured data sources in real time.

Operational Excellence

Provide agents with instant access to the most up-to-date support knowledge while boosting business efficiency with intelligent knowledge search and management.

The Cutting Edge Experiences Customers Expect

Unlock the next frontier of effortless and hyper-personalized customer service, marrying business knowledge, customer context, and enterprise transactions with the power of Generative AI.


Generative Q&A on Autopilot

Automate Q&A query resolution and allow customers to find the information they need - immediately. 

Powered by advanced vector search technology and LLMs, Cognigy Knowledge AI works with diverse knowledge sources to extract and summarize the most accurate answer to every customer question.

Before Knowledge AI
After Knowledge AI

Hyper-Personalized Interactions

Go beyond standard answers and impress customers with hyper-personalized conversations.

Seamless CRM integration means that Cognigy’s AI Agents can tailor retrieved information to each unique customer journey, driving delight and loyalty through outstanding service experiences.

Before Knowledge AI
After Knowledge AI


Empower customers to accomplish their goals in a single interaction. Through deep backend integrations, Cognigy lets you combine Knowledge AI with the ability to serve and solve transactional queries from start to finish.

Context-Aware Conversations

Maintain a fluid, efficient conversation flow by retaining past user inputs. Our context-aware AI Agents can resolve disambiguation to accurately understand customer needs and deliver relevant responses based on ongoing dialogues.

Before Knowledge AI
After Knowledge AI

Intelligent Knowledge Search and Management

Break down enterprise silos and provide service agents with real-time access to essential resources anytime, anywhere, cutting time-to-resolution and augmenting employee experience.


Agents’ Knowledge Shortcut

Be it a seasoned customer service representative or a newly onboarded agent, Cognigy Knowledge AI empowers your team to always deliver accurate and speedy service by surfacing the most relevant, concise information across internal documents.




Elevate Enterprise Efficiency

Save costs and streamline processes by eliminating manual creation and maintenance of FAQ sets. Upload documents and swiftly deploy Knowledge AI without prior intent training or complex execution flows.

Create Your Business-Focused GPT Solution

With Cognigy Knowledge AI, experience the transformative benefits of Large Language Models without compromising enterprise-grade reliability and compliance.


Cognigy Knowledge AI

Data Transparency and Control

Easily access, verify, and optimize extracted content. Categorize knowledge sources and filter search scope to resolve content conflicts and maximize answer accuracy.

Response Traceability

Know exactly the origin of generated answers by tracing back to their knowledge source.


Configurable UX

Retain granular control over the output format - be it plain texts or rich media messages, with or without data sources and references.


LLM Freedom

Optimize customer experience, data security, and cost with the LLM model of your choice.

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4.8 out of 5


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Updated May 2024

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