AI Agents for your Genesys Contact Center

Leverage AI Agents to Get More from your Genesys Solution

Build amazing customer and agent experiences by leveraging the power of two Gartner Magic Quadrant leaders: Cognigy and Genesys. 

Deliver exceptional customer service that is instant, personalized, in any language, and on any channel via AI Agents based on a combination of Generative and Conversational AI.

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Scale Customer & Agent Satisfaction with Cognigy.AI

Seamless Interoperability for Seamless Experiences

Our native Genesys integration enables you to deliver consistent, automated self-service in the channels your customers expect.

Whether you run on-premises, in the cloud or are planning a migration to Genesys, Cognigy.AI sits on top of your tech stack and is designed to work with whatever you do. No rip and replace, ever.

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Market Leading AI

We live and breathe AI, with new releases every two weeks and enterprise ready solutions to transform your customers’ experience.

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Enterprise Flexibility

Extensive enterprise integrations and flexible component choices like NLU, STT and TTS to match your contact center.

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Faster Time to Value

All the integrations you need and low-code builder means delivering solutions to customers faster.

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Service at Scale

End-to-end personalized self-service across all voice and text channels, 24/7.

Design & Deliver Better Customer Conversations in Genesys

Our native integration allows you to seamlessly integrate AI into your Genesys solution and agent workspace. If your agents use Genesys within another workspace, such as Salesforce, Cognigy.AI works there too.


Enterprise Ready Conversational AI for Genesys



Agent Assist - 3-1

Rich Media Support

Cognigy fully supports multimedia in messaging channels such as galleries, audio messages, file attachments and more.


Two-way Call Metadata Exchange

Full exchange of metadata including things like customer number, order number or request type between your virtual agents and Genesys.


Agent Assistance for Voice & Chat

Proactive support for every agent on every voice and text interaction for consistent, accurate service.


Transcripts for Every Interaction

Understand every customer interaction with your virtual and human agents including handovers so agents receive full transcripts or call summaries.


See How Cognigy.AI Assists Agents in Genesys for Better Customer Experiences

Migration Made Easy by Uniting Cloud and Legacy Systems

Whether you’re migrating from another CCaaS solution or an on-premises installation like Avaya or Cisco, Cognigy can sit on top, routing communications incrementally to your new system to ease the transition period. 

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Fill Integration Gaps

Fill the integration gaps with on-premises systems and orchestrate data between on-premises and cloud-based systems.

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Get Started Now

Don't make customers and agents victim to the speed of legacy systems. Create satisfied customers immediately on the channels they need while other systems catch up.


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Go AI First

Create an AI-first contact center now with Conversational IVR, smart self-service and agent assistance to scale your customer satisfaction today. 

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Route Requests Anywhere

Cognigy can act as a middleman, routing requests to legacy and new systems so you can transition at your own pace.

AI Agents that Work Wherever You Do

Cognigy's AI Agents are designed to be agnostic, so you can seamlessly integrate your cloud and on-premises enterprise systems in the backend and serve the channels your customers use on the frontend. 

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Choose what you need

Plug Cognigy.AI into your existing agent desktop or get started with out-of-the-box Cognigy Live Agent. 

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Turnkey Extensions

Connect backend systems and agent desktop in a few clicks from a built-in marketplace.

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Ramp up Rapidly

Deploy AI Copilot for real-time agent assistance on any service channels – voice or text. Explore AI Copilot.


What Our Customers on Genesys Say

“Cognigy.AI empowers our business users and developers to build advanced, multi-lingual Virtual Agents that feature complex self-service at scale.”

Nick Allgaier

Product Manager Digital Assistants
Lufthansa Group

“With Cognigy.AI, we have a tool that is flexible enough for any use cases and a common framework for global scaling and governance.”

Christian Hohmann

Head of New Technologies

“State of the art conversational AI made for customers with easy integrations to all the key systems we need.”

Current Customer

Program Manager
Manufacturing Industry

Conversational IVR cta

Ready to Scale Your Genesys Contact Center with AI?