Virtual Agents on the Phone Line: The Digital Insurance Revolution

Conversational automation in insurance

70% of life insurance executives believe they lag
behind other financial services sectors in the adoption
of digital technologies

Bain & Company

How Conversational AI Can Achieve Outstanding Customer Service


automation of your customer service requests with AI


claims submission process and other relevant processes


availability for customer service requests

...and much more, with Conversational AI-powered virtual agents.

Customer Interview

Listen how ARAG leverages Conversational AI.

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Meet the Intelligent Insurance Customer Service Agent

Intelligent Conversational AI-powered virtual agents help both customers and agents.


Automatically answers queries


Serves customers on the channels they love


Gets smarter
every day


Saves costs by scaling automation


Build once, deploy everywhere


Reduces reliance
on tech experts


Integrates with existing contact center systems


Comes with 30+
pre-trained intents


Easily integrates with specific inputs and Q&As


Start to go-live in as little as 2 months

What’s Under the Hood?


Pre-configured framework

Pre-trained intents and integration with relevant systems.


Claim processing

Fully automated claim processing with asynchronous updates and other utilitarian features.

Voice Automation

Natural Language Understanding

Powerful Natural Language Processing with
industry-leading accuracy by Cognigy NLU.


Give Quotes

Automated health insurance quotes with the option to pay within the chat for customers.

Recent Post

Pre-trained FAQs

Automated answers to queries across multiple channels.


How It Works

With a Conversational platform like Cognigy.AI, calls can be routed between human
agents and the virtual (AI) agent. As a result, human agents have more time left to
focus on more strategic and complex concerns.


The Virtual Insurance Customer Service Agent Call Process

The virtual insurance customer service agent works similarly to any other virtual agent. With the capabilities
of Cognigy.AI, it can perform advanced functions such as sharing additional information
with callers and transferring calls to human agents if required.


Features of the Cognigy.AI Platform

The leading enterprise Conversational AI platform for building advanced solutions with cognitive bots.

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Graphical Conversation Editor

Easy-to-use visual editors enable business users to edit conversation logic & content.


Advanced AI-based Understanding

Cognigy NLU delivers powerful natural language processing with industry leading accuracy.


Enterprise-Level Operations

Cognigy.AI runs on Cognigy SaaS cloud or on private infrastructure as an on-premise deployment.

Virtual Insurance Customer Service Agent: Use Cases

Billing Questions

Billing Questions

Automated phone answering

Health Insurance Quote

Health Insurance Quote

Automated health insurance quotes

Service Desk Assistant

Service Desk Assistant

Digital Service Desk Assistant
Internal - ITSM

HR Employee Assistant

HR Employee Assistant

Digital HR Specialist
Internal - HR

Car Insurance Claim

Car Insurance Claim

Fully-automated claims processing

Answer Billing-related
Questions From Your Callers

Leverage Automated phone answering in your call center

The next generation of IVR in action

A glimpse of the AI-powered conversation:

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Direct Benefits of Adopting AI


Boost in agent productivity


Call deflection rate

Substantial Return on Investment

“We believe Cognigy.AI to be the most comprehensive, user-friendly Conversational AI platform on the market today, which empowers our business users and developers to build advanced, multi-lingual Virtual Agents at scale.”

Nick Allgaier

Nick Allgaier
Product Manager "Digital Assistants" @Lufthansa Group


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