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Embrace the channels customers love and fast-track resolutions with multimodal service experiences


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Cognigy xApps are mobile first, micro web applications that empower enterprises to elevate and unify channel experiences with multimodal service uniting text, multimedia, and voice

Reimagine Customer Interactions with Multimodal Journeys

Customize and seamlessly blend rich, interactive micro web applications into your conversational experiences. Cognigy xApps let you leverage the best of text, graphical, touch and voice interfaces to delight customers with outstanding service on their preferred channels, all within a single experience.

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Channel Interconnection

Enable customers to effortlessly engage and transition across channels – all without losing the conversation context.

Fully Customizable

Tailor xApps to your business services and style to deliver a unique and consistent brand experience. We support complete white labeling.


xApps run in any modern web browser on any OS. That means nothing to install or configure for customers. 

One-Stop Solution

xApps are tightly integrated into Cognigy.AI’s low-code ecosystem, meaning you can build and launch intuitive web apps to level up your CX – all without IT!

Craft unified customer experiences across channels

By integrating siloed communication methods and channels, Cognigy xApps takes the customer effort out of service, delivering experiences they'll want to tell everyone about. 

Secure Authentication

With Cognigy xApps, easily verify and authenticate customers across voice and digital channels without ever exposing their sensitive data.

  • Enable secure username and password authentication with webforms
  • Leverage touch ID and face ID for seamless biometric authentication
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Expedite Resolutions

Turn customer conversations into conversions by letting them swiftly complete bookings, make payments, or submit signatures – in one connected interaction.

By combining the unique capabilities of different modalities, you can better assist customers and speed up resolutions while delivering effortless service.

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Leverage Mobile Device Capabilities

Harness device capabilities like camera, GPS, mobile wallets and more to unlock new levels of service experiences that are frictionless and engaging like never before.

Location sharing, photo upload, code scanning, and other processes can now all happen within a natural dialogue, creating synergies never before possible.

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Empower Customer-Led Journeys

Let customers take charge of their journey and engage on their own terms. Cognigy xApps can be embedded into an AI Agent workflow or available as standalone web apps that customers can directly access and help themselves.

Feed xApps input into your enterprise ecosystem, so customers can pick up the interaction later at any time, on any channel.

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Supercharge Live Support

Give human agents an extended channel that simplifies the customer journey, eliminating frustrations and deepening emotional engagement.

With xApps input fully integrated into the agent desktop and case management workflows, support teams can save time spent on manual post-call busywork and heighten productivity.

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Start your journey with the #1 Leader

98% of customers are willing to recommend Cognigy. 

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Gartner Customer Choice Recognition

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Cognigy is recognized with Customers’ Choice Distinction in Gartner® Voice of the Customer for Enterprise Conversational AI Platforms

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Supercharge Your Contact Center

Make omnichannel CX a reality and push the boundaries of automation