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Enterprise-grade Contact Center AI platform for customer service transformation

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Cognigy.AI provides a business-focused Conversational AI solution that adapts to any enterprise’s needs to deliver personal and intelligent customer service anytime, anywhere

Deliver Exceptional Service Across Voice and Text Channels

From conversational IVR and transactional self-service to agent assist and RPA, Cognigy.AI lets you tackle the complete spectrum of contact center automation use cases – voice or chat.

Built for unlimited flexibility, interoperability, and ease of use, our platform empowers business and development teams alike to create excellent conversational experiences and achieve better efficiency across systems.

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Plug-and-Play with Your Contact Center Ecosystem

Upgrading your tech stack with conversational AI can be as fast and effortless as your service experiences. Cognigy.AI seamlessly layers in your contact center infrastructure, bringing together data across disparate systems to drive first-contact resolution while enabling richer, smoother engagement.

Leverage an extensive, growing library of prebuilt backend and channel connectors.
Or develop your own tailored integration fast using our powerful Extension Framework.

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Turnkey Contact Center Connectivity

Readily embed Cognigy.AI into your contact center and communications infrastructure – phone, digital, live chat, agent desktop, and more.

One-Click Backend Integrations

With our built-in Marketplace, you're just a few clicks away from connecting back-office systems with your contact flow to automate processes and speed up resolutions.

25+ Prebuilt Channel Connectors

Build your workflow once and populate it on any channel (web, phone, messaging) within seconds to enable consistent service experiences everywhere.

Unlimited Extensibility

Have boundless flexibility to enrich service experiences with value-add capabilities like payment, file uploads, location, or any custom integration with our open API solution.

Automate Conversations – with a Human Touch

Provide responsive, memorable customer service with a virtual support team that understands your customers' needs and can truly help.

Cognigy.AI lets you intuitively handle complex, diverse dialogues - be it user authentication, Q&A, transactional queries, review requests, agent handovers, and more.

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Human-Like Conversations

Craft natural, fluid dialogues with market-leading NLU accuracy and dynamic, non-robotic conversations.


Cognigy's market-proven NLU technology provides outstanding intent recognition with minimal training time. Learn more.


Personalized Interactions

Tailor responses and build a personal connection through progressive customer profiling and end-to-end CRM integration.


Our GDPR-compliant Contact Profiles let you store and manage user data across sessions and channels to constantly improve each conversation.


Multimodal Experiences

Enable rich, interactive dialogues that accurately capture customer input by combining phone, web, and app channels in real-time.


Data-Driven Optimization

Uncover conversational insights as holistic or granular as you need with a built-in suite of KPI dashboards and drill-down step, message, and transcript analytics.


Cognigy Insights helps you turn every engagement into an actionable data point that drives business intelligence and ROI. Learn more.


AI That Assists and Elevates Agents

Cognigy.AI puts your workforce at the center, not the bots.

Capitalize on AI-human collaboration that propels better services and workforce productivity - from intelligent routing and an omnichannel agent desktop to automated routine handling and real-time agent assistance.


Agent Assist - Cognigy.AI

Intelligent Routing

Instantly route customers to the right agent based on their intent, interaction history, wait time and more – including the context.


With Cognigy.AI, you can enable fluid, bidirectional transitions between virtual and human agents.

Learn more.


Real-Time Agent Assist

Give agents immediate access to next best actions during live support with real-time knowledge query, enterprise search, and smart reply suggestions. 


Our Agent + Assist capabilities can be easily embedded into any contact center agent desktop. Learn more.

Automated Routine Handling

Standard process templates (ID&V, payment handling…) and productivity tools (live transcript, call summaries…) relieve agents from mundane, repetitive tasks.


Omnichannel Agent Workspace

Jumpstart intelligent live support with a full-featured agent desktop for cross-channel conversations, team collaboration, and AI assistance.


Cognigy Live Agent allows service teams to communicate in real-time and asynchronously with customers and their peers. Learn more.


Designed for Fastest

Intelligent service automation doesn’t have to be rocket science. Cognigy makes Conversational AI accessible and manageable – especially for business users.

Choose our business-focused solution to onboard your teams quickly and launch faster.

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Low-Code UI

Allow anyone in your organization to create and manage AI-powered conversations without coding and IT dependencies.


Our intuitive graphical Flow Editor lets you deploy virtual agents at the touch of a button and adapt conversation flows on the fly to react to market dynamics. Learn more.


Rapid AI Adoption

Prebuilt NLU models, few-shot learning, and intuitive AI feedback remove technical complexities and adoption barriers.


Native Multilingual Support

Offer customer service that is global from day one with out-of-the-box machine translation in 100+ languages.


Build virtual agents that respond flexibly in multiple languages, or enable seamless cross-language transition during interactions with real-time translation. Learn more.


Solution Accelerators

Select among our 15+ field-tested, ready-to-use industry templates and use cases to expedite rollout.


Cognigy.AI's Solution Accelator kits encompass various domains, from insurance, banking, and customer service to airlines, commerce, and others. Learn more.


An Enterprise-Centric Platform

Whether your focus is a high-load customer service deployment or you're looking for a multipurpose conversational platform, Cognigy.AI is the perfect solution.

Built to meet the highest enterprise requirements: scalable, secure, future-proof, and ultra-performant.


Enterprise Architecture - Cognigy.AI

Scalable with any Workload

Handle millions of customer interactions and flexibly pivot through unexpected traffic spikes on any channel. 


Our microservices architecture (Kubernetes) offers unlimited scaling and built-in resilience to cope with any contact volume.


Secure and Compliant

We take wide-ranging security measures to protect your sensitive data – from database encryption and data masking to granular access and storage control.


Cognigy.AI fully complies with GDPR, SOC2, HIPAA and other stringent regulatory frameworks.

Visit Trust Center.


Composable and Flexible

Plug our platform into your ecosystem and future-proof your tech stack with a composable, adaptable architecture. 


Choose the deployment option that works best for you - SaaS, self-hosted cloud, or on-premises.


Customizable to Your Needs

You don’t have to code to use Cognigy.AI. But if you can, good news – we provide all the tools you need to build and work with virtual agents completely on your terms.


See our documentation to learn more about Cognigy's open API, full-featured CLI, integration framework with IDE support, among many other developer features.


Nothing Speaks Louder Than Our Customers' Success

“With Cognigy.AI, we’re able to provide our customers with real added value and deliver even better services and products.”

Peter-Pascal Meik, Manager Innovation & Projects @ Toyota

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