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AI Agents for Amazon Connect

Deliver unlimited service and automation on Amazon Connect with Cognigy's AI agents for your business. Our native integration offers an  open choice of components and integrations  to rapidly build and deploy conversational IVR, virtual agents and agent assistance.

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Cognigy is proud to be an AWS Partner with AWS Conversational AI Competency  certification to bring cutting edge contact center solutions to market. 

Design Intelligent Conversations in Your Existing Amazon Ecosystem

Cognigy.AI’s integration with Amazon Connect can utilize Amazon's built-in features such as Amazon Lex. No additional configuration or integration is required, making it extremely flexible. The low-code flow builder and built-in integrations enables a faster time to market.

Customer Service Automation with Cognigy.AI

Empower Your Team to Deliver Results

Cognigy.AI brings a a powerful low-code UI into your Amazon Connect stack that enables anyone to create human-like Virtual Agents, faster and easier than ever.

Built for non-technical users, it enables
building, deploying and optimizing text, voice or multimodal conversations from one convenient location.


Choose the Right Business Focused Solution

Combining Cognigy.AI with your Amazon Connect Contact Center offers you a low-code AI platform that makes it easier for your business teams to focus on designing the customer service experience rather than coding, accelerating time-to-market. Spend more time delivering customer value, and less time struggling with IT.

Exclusive Amazon Solution

(Cognigy.AI + Amazon) Solution

Graphical Flow Editor

Conversation flows can be built by developers

Low code, drag and drop flow editor that supports non-linear conversation flows


Localization and translation via the AWS SDK (e.g.: with JAVA)

Conversations can be localized automatically in 100+ languages with built-in language detection and real time translation 



Free NLU selection incl. Cognigy’s proprietary NLU, Dialogflow, AWS Lex, or any other

Rich Media Output

Rich media support with developer involvement

Native support for rich media channels (galleries, files, buttons, built-in Adaptive Card designer) and auto-conversion for various channels. Plugins for voice, QR codes, Google Maps and others.


Supports API calls

Out-of-box integration with 50+ enterprise systems

Deployment to Amazon Connect

AWS services (Lex and Lambda) can be configured for fulfillment in Amazon Connect

Cognigy Endpoints are used for connecting Virtual Agent to Amazon Connect


Pipeline is  built via code and other AWS components to deliver data to Amazon Quicksight [source]

Cognigy Insights provides usage summaries, deeper insights on each conversation and access to full conversation transcripts;
also available via OData (e.g. for MS Excel or Power BI)

Product Updates

3-8 releases per year [source]

Release every 2 weeks

Cognigy.AI - The Leading Contact Center AI Platform

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Omni-channel Excellence

Expand customer and employee services to any business or consumer channel without additional training or coding effort

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Streamlined Workflows

Intelligent Routing ensures that any customer request takes the shortest path to resolution, by sending the request to an intelligent virtual agent or involving the right agent

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Empowered Agents

Boost your human agents' performance with real-time recommendations from AI that listens and learns from conversations in real time

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Real-time Insights

Advanced insights into conversations, customer pain points, and agents' performance enable better decision-making, optimization, and customer understanding

See How Cognigy & Amazon Connect Deliver Better CX at Scale

Scale Customer Satisfaction with Cognigy.AI

Re-Imagine Contact Center Experiences with AI

Cognigy.AI is a contact center AI Platform that enables business users to rapidly build and deploy conversational AI on voice and text channels as part of their customer access strategy. Thanks to Cognigy's partnership with AWS,  you can offer more value to customers with easy transactional self-service in natural language. 

Customers expect to be served in the channel most convenient to them. Cognigy.AI offers dozens of built-in integrations enabling you to easily deploy virtual agents wherever you need them, in just a few clicks.

With live chat and agent assistance in addition to virtual agents, Cognigy.AI gives time back to your business so agents can spend more time with customers who need help with complex issues. Agent assistance delivers next-best actions and suggests responses to help your contact center deliver, faster more consistent service without more staff. 


Do More with Less

Scale your Amazon Connect Cloud Contact Center to automate more processes in less time with fewer resources

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Out-of-the-Box Solution

Our native integration with Amazon Connect automates and enables human-like conversational experiences and can be implemented alongside Amazon Lex

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Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Unlock customer experience on your existing Cloud Contact Center investments by using the solution that provides faster time-to-market 

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Empowered Businesses

Low code and easy-to-use environment that empowers your business teams to design and deliver personalized experiences at scale without frequent IT support

Webinar: Leverage AWS & Cognigy to Create an AI-first Contact Center

AI Delivers Better, Measurable Service Outcomes


Average CSAT Improvement


Lower Implementation Cost Compared to In-house Solutions


Concurrent Live Agent Sessions Supported

Trusted by 1,000+ brands worldwide

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