Enterprise-grade voice gateway to enable intelligent, high-performing voice AI Agents

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Cognigy Voice Gateway brings together a compelling combination of market-leading AI, native voice connectivity, and prebuilt contact center integrations to help you scale world-class voice experiences

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AI-Powered Interactions

Connect Cognigy Voice Gateway to your SIP trunk and design lifelike dialogues powered by Conversational and Generative AI. Tailor every engagement by incorporating the wider customer journey context through CRM data and customer profiles.
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Improved Call Containment

Effectively automate inbound and outbound phone calls and text messages. Authenticate and prequalify customers using Conversational IVR or tackle informational and transactional queries end-to-end with AI-infused voice self-service.
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Enterprise-Grade Voice Automation

Prepare for any workload arrival with the ability to handle tens of thousands of concurrent live calls. Select your preferred text-to-speech (TTS) and speech-to-text (STT) vendor and ensure data privacy with GDPR-compliant voice infrastructure.
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Agent and AI Teamplay

The agent needs assistance? We’ve got you covered. Our voice AI Agents can listen in on live calls to provide agents with customer context and real-time support. Auto-generated live transcripts enable agents to speed up post-call operations and solution follow-up.

Intelligent and Frictionless Voice Conversations

Cognigy Voice Gateway lets you handle high-volume phone queries and fast-track problem-solving – all while building a personal connection. 

Deliver engaging, cross-channel interactions in real-time by pairing voice dialogues with other interaction mediums like SMS, messaging, app- and web experiences.

Voice Gateway Built for Contact Center AI

Cognigy Voice Gateway enables turnkey connectivity into your CCaaS and CPaaS infrastructure of choice without expensive rip-and-replace and IT hassle, helping you better focus on customer service experiences.

Cognigy.AI Voice Gateway

Integrated Ecosystem

Easily connect our Voice Gateway to any contact center and telephony system. Use pre-integrated speech services from Azure, AWS, and Google or create and connect your own custom speech model effortlessly.

Voice Intelligence

Provide natural responses with leading-edge NLU and Generative AI. Design the perfect voice for your use case and effortlessly speak customers’ language leveraging inbuilt machine translation - 100+ languages.

Advanced Call Control

From barge-in and DTMF handling to recording and seamless agent handoff, Cognigy's robust voice functionalities let you create rich, complex interactions. Easily initiate outgoing calls with answering machine detection (AMD) capability.

Flexible Deployment

Use Voice Gateway as part of your Cognigy’s cloud account, managed AI service, or dedicated on-premises deployment. We provide complete system monitoring with fine-grained data on call traffic history and proactive alerts.

VUX Design Made Easy

With Cognigy's low-code AI flow editor and voice authoring tools, designing and optimizing phone interactions has never been easier. 


Take the guesswork out of your AI workforce performance and create the best voice services while having the best time doing it.

  • Preview and fine-tune audio experiences while building your voice agents
  • QA real-world user experiences and optimize your service flow at speed
  • Follow and debug live calls with real-time STT scripts and TTS metadata
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What Our Customers Have to Say

Smart City Duisburg-

"Utilizing Cognigy.AI with chat- and voice agents guarantees inquiries are streamlined and handled with utmost quality. This consistency ensures a positive customer experience."

Stefan Soldat

CEO Duisburg-IT, Head of IT, DVV


"With Cognigy.AI, our team breaks new ground with first-of-its-kind bot-to-bot integration, live chat integration, and further innovative developments of voice agents."

Stefania-Catalina Baincescu

Technical Lead Conversational Experiences, E.ON

Calen AI-1

"For voice interfaces, Cognigy.AI is the best solution on the market in terms of integrations, flexibility, and ease of use."

Irakli Beselidze

CEO and Founder,

Full-Featured Voice Gateway

Inbound and outbound call handling via SIP trunks & WebRTC

Agile drag-and-drop flow editor with native voice authoring tools

STT / TTS services of choice and possible NLU mix-and-match

Configurable voice using Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML)

Continuous Speech Recognition for flexible incremental dialogues

Call classification and routing using SIP headers and metadata

Seamless multilingual translation and transition

Live transcription with TTS metadata

Enterprise-grade security, scalability, and system monitoring


POWER UP Your Contact Center

Deliver frictionless and personlized voice experiences with Cognigy.AI