AI Agents for your Avaya Contact Center

Shape the Future of Customer Experience

Harness the untapped power of your contact center with Avaya Experience Platform and Cognigy's conversational AI and generative AI solutions.

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Empower your enterprise to deliver exceptional customer experiences while driving operational efficiency and enhancing employee engagement through intelligent contact center automation.

Shape the Future of AI-Powered Customer Experience

Put Customers First

Cognigy's native Avaya integrations enable your customers to enjoy a consistent and personalized experience across every channel and device.

Whether you run on-premises or in the cloud, Cognigy sits on top of your tech stack and is designed to work with whatever you do.

Cognigy sits on top of your existing tech stack meaning no rip and replace for true innovation without disruption.

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Personalized Automation

Create self-service interactions that are as seamless and personalized as with live agents.

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Expand your customer reach

Engage with customers across any channel at any time. 

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Foster meaningful connections

Nurture customer loyalty with user-friendly and intuitive applications that prioritize relationships.

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Empower agents with meaningful tasks

Enable automation to handle routine tasks, freeing agents to focus on complex customer needs.

Design & Deliver Better Customer Conversations in Avaya

Our combined solution unlocks your organization's full potential, catering directly to the demands of extensive scale, complex environment, and unique needs of large enterprises. Elevate and automate your contact center to deliver exceptional customer experiences, equipping your agents with the necessary tools to thrive.


Enterprise Ready Conversational AI for Avaya




Rich Media Support

Cognigy fully supports multimedia in messaging channels such as galleries, audio messages, file attachments and more.


Agent Assistance for Voice & Chat

Proactive support for every agent on every voice and text interaction for consistent, accurate service.


Transcripts for Every Interaction

Understand every customer interaction with your virtual and human agents including handovers so agents receive full transcripts or call summaries.


Watch Cognigy's Conversational IVR & Agent Assist in Avaya AXP

We Work Wherever You Do

Cognigy.AI is designed to be agnostic, so you can seamlessly integrate your cloud and on-premises enterprise systems in the backend and serve the channels your customers use on the frontend. Our low-code editor makes orchestrating tasks among systems and automating service processes a breeze. 

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Choose what you need

Plug Cognigy.AI into your existing Avaya agent desktop or try Cognigy Live Agent. 

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Turnkey Extensions

Connect backend systems in a few clicks from our built-in marketplace.

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Ramp up Rapidly

Deploy AI Copilot for real-time agent assistance on any service channels – voice or text. Explore AI Copilot.


What Our Customers Say

“Cognigy.AI empowers our business users and developers to build advanced, multi-lingual Virtual Agents that feature complex self-service at scale.”

Nick Allgaier

Product Manager Digital Assistants
Lufthansa Group

“With Cognigy.AI, we have a tool that is flexible enough for any use cases and a common framework for global scaling and governance.”

Christian Hohmann

Head of New Technologies

“State of the art conversational AI made for customers with easy integrations to all the key systems we need.”

Current Customer

Program Manager
Manufacturing Industry

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Learn how our AI-powered solutions can revolutionize your contact center operations.