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publication dateJul 22, 2021
reading time4 min

Automating IT services with Cognigy.AI & ServiceNow

In the standard ITSM process the rate of handling issues (incidents and requests) is limited by the availability and workload of Human Agents at the Help Desk which makes...

publication dateMay 5, 2021
reading time4 min

Automating HR Services & Support with Chatbots

Human Resources teams face the same challenges as all teams: do more with less, and scaling up and down. HR teams juggle a demanding role of supporting hundreds even thou...

publication dateApr 12, 2021
reading time3 min

Sentiment Analysis: Three Powerful Use Cases for Customer Service Bots

Human communication is more than an exchange of data. It includes the expression of feelings, well beyond simple semantics. This power to connect with others through emot...

publication dateMar 12, 2021
reading time10 min

Voice-enabled Salesforce CRM with Conversational AI

CRM is undoubtedly an indispensable tool for every sales professional. Finding the right piece of information exactly when it's needed is key to success.

publication dateFeb 22, 2021
reading time3 min

Self-Service Across Channels for Airlines

Picture yourself standing in line at the airport with your bag in one hand and your phone in the other. You need to get your flight status and you want it to be as simple...

publication dateJan 28, 2021
reading time3 min

Customer Service Automation in logistics: Parcel tracking

Contact Centers in the logistics industry are flooded with standard requests. "Where is my package?" ranks #1 among the top customer service inquiries. Even though it is ...

publication dateJan 14, 2021
reading time6 min

Combining Voice Bot, RPA, OCR for Faster Customer Service

RPA is an ideal technology to make the agent's life easier and significantly reduce average handle time. However, chatbots and voice bots optimize it even further for bot...

publication dateDec 15, 2020
reading time2 min

Automating Customer Service | Utilities & Energy | Conversational AI

Utilities receive two-thirds of payments via electronic channels, yet most still lack the capacity to efficiently communicate with their customers digitally. Due to COVID...

publication dateNov 16, 2020
reading time3 min

Virtual agents in the hospitality industry: Webchat, Phone and WhatsApp

Booking a hotel room online has become the norm in the hospitality industry. The same, however, cannot be said for services. In many cases, customers have to call, send a...

publication dateOct 30, 2020
reading time4 min

Conversational Banking & Live Agent Handover

Banks and financial services companies are one of earliest adopters of Conversational AI. They are making it quicker and easier for consumers to open accounts, transfer m...

publication dateOct 29, 2020
reading time4 min

Conversational AI in E-Commerce

Businesses that use Conversational AI for e-commerce - for product selection and customer service - are providing experiences that convert a higher rate of new customers,...

publication dateOct 28, 2020
reading time2 min

Reporting A Car Accident in WhatsApp

We've all been there: Minor car accident = major annoyance. Even with good insurance coverage, waiting on the phone line and dealing with the corresponding paperwork isn'...

publication dateOct 2, 2020
reading time5 min

Government Services Bot | Unemployment Claims

  When workers lose their jobs, they need help. One of the first places they turn to is their state unemployment agency to understand how they can get financial assistanc...

publication dateOct 2, 2020
reading time6 min

Customer Service with Salesforce Live Agent handover

“Everything that can be automated will be automated” - that statement that has proved true many times. Making backend systems easily accessible via Conversational AI is a...

publication dateOct 1, 2020
reading time5 min

Multi-Lingual Virtual Agents | Speaking your customer's language

When developing virtual agents, our plans often center around channels and devices. Should our chatbot be available on our website, over SMS or embedded in an app? Should...

publication dateAug 15, 2020
reading time4 min

Conversational commerce with Paypal integration

Consumers love the convenience and ease of conversational UIs. They appreciate the natural flow of interaction - as long as it helps them achieve their goals. Unfortunate...

publication dateAug 15, 2020
reading time3 min

Multi-factor authentication via Conversational UI

Whether customers fill out online forms, send emails or iniate chat conversations - many use cases require businesses to securely authenticate end users. When transaction...

publication dateAug 14, 2020
reading time3 min

Some IoT fun with natural language & Droidspeak

At Cognigy, we love to see what our customers and partners build with Cognigy.AI. Every go-live is celebrated and seeing a brand new Virtual Agent out in production makes...