Maximize Agent Performance with AI Assistance

Whether working from home or on site, agents have to be ready for any problem that could come their way. But when there’s no shoulder to tap, AI has got their backs. Integrated agent assistance in your workspace can instantly deliver real-time support and coaching during live customer interactions, whether in a voice or digital channel and taking full advantage of all your integrated systems.

Give your agents an advantage with agent assistance and:

  • Increase agent proficiency and self-sufficiency
  • Boost answer accuracy and FCR
  • Speed up training and onboarding times
  • Reduce the need for supervisor assistance
  • Say goodbye to “please hold” and “Let me transfer you”

Watch the video to step into the shoes of a contact center agent and see:

  • Cognigy's Agent Assist fully embedded in their Genesys desktop
  • Automated identification and lookup of customer records
  • Real time transcription with NLU, sentiment analysis and suggested replies
  • Interactive assist widget that updates in real time based on the conversation