Power Up Phone Experiences with Conversational IVR

IVR is one of the most consistently bad customer experiences and first thing people associate with contacting customer service. But it doesn’t have to be!

When entering a retail store, no employee would say “Hi, would you like English or Spanish?” followed by “Would you like to find an item, return an item, order something, etc.” So why do we treat customers this way on the phone?

Legacy systems are tree-based, reading off a list of folders and subfolders like windows explorer. This makes them tiresome, difficult to navigate, and impersonal. Conversational IVR can quickly solve all of that.

With Conversational AI, your customers can express their needs from the start, instead of delving into the depths of an IVR system until they hear something vaguely relevant. Conversational IVR powered by Cognigy.AI can:

  • Enable callers to freely express their needs in an unstructured way
  • Gather initial information about callers (Qualification)
  • Identify and verify callers (ID&V)
  • Intelligently route customers to the best agent based on criteria you define
  • Integrate with backend systems so users can carry out tasks such as ordering, returning, rebooking, and so forth versus just being routed to a person.

Watch the short video to see how you can power up your voice experience.