Digital Wings: How Frontier's AI Agent increases the NPS

Frontier Airlines recently made a bold move, turning off its telephone customer service in favor of exclusively handling interactions via chat with the support of an AI Agent. This strategic decision not only increased operational efficiency but also contributed to remarkable advancements in customer service. Achieving a 15% to 30% annual growth while maintaining cost efficiency, Frontier experienced a transformative shift in passenger interactions with the implementation of Cognigy’s AI Agent for travel.

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Conversations per month via the AI Agent

Higher NPS

Compared to phone line and historical low in AHT

Leonardo Declich

Leonardo Declich, Director CX Transformation @Frontier Airlines


Cognigy's AI Agent has exceeded our expectations, taking the lead in our customer communication. It manages multiple chat conversations at once, allowing us to handle the challenges of annual growth and operational fluctuations with ease. 



About Frontier

Frontier offers Low Fares Done Right®, connecting 100+ destinations with ultra-low-cost service.

25M+ passengers p.a.
5K+ employees


Use Case

Frontier’s AI Agent:

- Validate reservations and provides quick links to make reservation changes
- Answers baggage inquiries
- Manages refunds
- Hands over to live agents on chat


Increased NPS
with Cognigy's AI Agent

contact center

Increased contact resolution rate

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The Challenge


Frontier Airlines encountered multifaceted challenges amidst its impressive annual growth rates of 15% to 30%. Staffing contact centers proved difficult, especially with the intricate task of keeping agents' content amid expansion. Traditional phone lines, limited to one conversation per agent, posed constraints during peak times, exacerbating the strain on customer service operations.

The inherent limitations of traditional phone-based support became apparent during Frontier's peak periods and irregular operations. Managing contact center staffing was already a complex task, especially when experiencing growth. This challenge become even more intensified during these times. Agents, limited to handling one conversation at a time on the phone, struggled to manage the influx of customer inquiries efficiently.

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The Solution


In search of a solution that could address the companies specific needs, Frontier Airlines implemented an AI Agent powered by Cognigy. The AI Agent efficiently validates reservations and provides quick links to make reservation changes seamlessly, addresses inquiries about baggage, processes refunds, and hands over to live agents on chat when necessary.

The introduction of an AI chat agent became the catalyst for overcoming Frontier's challenges. The AI Agent's capacity to engage in hundreds or even thousands of conversations simultaneously revolutionized customer service operations. This not only addressed the difficulties in staffing and agent satisfaction but also provided an instantaneous and efficient solution to customer queries. This also aligned perfectly with Frontier's commitment to delivering exceptional service amid growth and operational fluctuations.

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The Impact

Frontier Airlines witnessed a notable transformation in its customer service operations. The implementation of the AI Agent resulted in a substantial increase in Net Promoter Score (NPS), indicating improved customer satisfaction. The contact center also became more cost-efficient, adapting to the airline's growth. Additionally, the contact resolution rate saw a significant boost, solidifying Frontier's commitment to providing top-notch service.

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Chat Self-Service


Increased Customer Satisfaction


Chat Handover to agent

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"With the AI Agent managing customer inquiries, we saw a rise in our NPS score and a reduction in our AHT compared to providing support through our phone channel. In fact, our average handling time is currently at its historical low, at least in the last five to six years."

Leonardo Declich, Director CX Transformation @Frontier Airlines

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