Plug-and-Play with Your Contact Center Ecosystem

AI Agents for your Contact Center

Transform customer service with state-of-the-art AI Agents pre-built, trained and integrated into your contact center solution.

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Integrate Cognigy’s AI Agents into any customer service platform to deliver phone and chat support on any channel, 24x7 and in 100+ languages

Scale Customer & Agent Satisfaction with AI Agents

Bring Your Own Contact Center

Our wide range of native integrations with all the leading CCaaS solutions enables you to deliver consistent, automated self-service in the channels your customers expect. 

Whether you run on-premises, in the cloud or are planning a migration, Cognigy's AI Agents work on top of your tech stack and are designed to work with whatever you do. No rip and replace, ever.

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Market-leading AI

We live and breathe AI, with new releases every two weeks and enterprise ready solutions to transform your customers’ experience.

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Enterprise Flexibility

Extensive enterprise integrations and flexible component choices like NLU, STT and TTS to match your contact center.

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Faster Time to Value

All the integrations you need and low-code builder means delivering solutions to customers faster.

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Service at Scale

End-to-end personalized self-service across all voice and text channels, 24/7.

Design & Deliver Better Customer Conversations

Upgrading your tech stack with Generative & Conversational AI can be just as fast and effortless as your service experiences. Cognigy's AI Agents seamlessly work with a wide range of technologies, backend systems and integrations so they have the same power as your human agents. 


Native Voice Support

Impersonal, one-size-fits-all phone interactions are a thing of the past. Cognigy brings together a compelling combination of Generative & Conversational AI, native voice connectivity, and prebuilt contact center integrations to easily build, launch and manage excellent voice experiences at scale.

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Reduce the Burden on Agents

Let AI Agents contain more calls by integrating your key backend systems to quickly help customers solve their own issues, without waiting for a human agent.


Answer Every Call Immediately

Use Intelligent Routing to answer every call, identify and verify callers, and route customers to self-service or a human agent instead of making them wait on hold.


100+ Prebuilt Integrations

Plug Cognigy into any contact center and telephony system. Employ pre-integrated Azure, AWS, and Google speech services or connect your custom speech model with ease.


Intelligent and Frictionless Voice Conversations

Cognigy empowers you to handle high-volume phone queries and fast-track problem-solving – all while building a personal connection. Identify customers’ needs and give them quick, accurate answers – through fully automated self-service, by involving the right agent, or a combination of both.

Deliver engaging, cross-channel interactions in real-time by pairing voice dialogues with other interaction mediums like SMS, messaging, app- and web experiences.

Chat & Messaging

Messaging is the fastest growing customer support channel but doesn't have to be difficult to manage. Leverage prebuilt channel connectors to deploy within minutes or connect to any channel and endpoint via standard interfaces (REST, Socket, Webhook).

Build virtual agents for self-service on any channel and in any language while maintaining a universal process to deliver a consistent experience everywhere, every time.



Handovers with Context - Every time.

Agents never miss a beat and customers never repeat themselves with full context handovers from virtual agents to your human agents.


Automate Conversations with Self-Service

From re-booking, cancellation, and order status support to invoice requests, payment, and refund,  Cognigy enables your customers to solve their issues quickly and consistently. 


Rich Media Support

Take full advantage of multimedia in messaging channels such as galleries, audio messages, file attachments, adaptive cards and more.


Deploy Anywhere

Launch virtual agents on any channel in any language while maintaining the same global  logic to deliver a consistent experience across every channel.

  • Deploy across multiple channels within minutes via prebuilt connectors or APIs
  • Auto-convert content format across channels – voice and messaging
  • Easily reuse virtual agents across development, staging, and production environments
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We Work Wherever You Do

Cognigy.AI is designed to be agnostic, so you can seamlessly connect all your critical enterprise systems regardless of vendor and whether they are on-premises or in the cloud. 

No expensive rip-and-replace that slows down your business. Visit Cognigy.AI Marketplace for more.


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Choose What You Need

Plug Cognigy.AI into your existing agent desktop or use Cognigy Live Agent and enjoy free choice of NLU, STT and TTS providers for maximum flexibility and no lock-in.

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Integrate & Elevate Systems

Simply integrate your backend systems into Cognigy to automate informational requests and transactions between all of them to offer customers new end-to-end self-service opportunities. 

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Ramp up Rapidly

Deploy Agent Copilot for real-time agent assistance on any service channels – voice or text. Explore Agent Copilot.


What Our Customers Have to Say


“Cognigy.AI is a powerful low-code conversational AI platform with an industry-leading flow builder and high modularity to fit enterprise needs.”

Nikolai Berenbrock

Head of Conversational Experiences


“With Cognigy.AI, we have a tool that is flexible enough for any use cases and a common framework for global scaling and governance.”

Christian Hohmann

Head of New Technologies

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"With Cognigy.AI, we’re able to provide our customers with real added value and deliver even better services and products."

Peter-Pascal Meik

Innovation & Projects Manager

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Ready to Power Up Your Contact Center with AI?