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How to Reinvent Customer Service To Be Digital-First

Download this Forrester Report to learn five tips on how to digitize customer service.


Transforming IT Service Desk Through Conversational AI and Intelligent Automation

Customer-centric IT companies can now leverage Conversational AI to create smart self-service options for users.

Conversational AI for Consumer Goods: Embracing A New Era of Customer Experience

Download this whitepaper and dive deeper into Conversational Al and the consumer goods challenges it addresses.

Redefining Customer Service in the Telecommunications Industry With Conversational AI

Download the whitepaper and find out how you can leverage Conversational AI  to retain accounts for your business.

Revolutionizing the Finance and Banking Industry With Conversational AI

With customers demanding remote service and branches the financial industry is under a seismic shift.

Strengthening Customer Service in the Travel and Hospitality Industry With Conversational AI

Contactless service is becoming the accepted norm, and travelers are lining up to book with more agility than ever.

Leveraging Conversational AI to Automate Customer Service in the Utilities Sector

Dive deeper into what Conversational AI is and how it can help your business.

Unlocking Exceptional Customer Service in the Insurance Industry With Conversational AI

Explore how Conversational AI can help streamline your insurance process.

Trustworthy AI: The Future of Enterprise-Grade AI Adoption

Get a comprehensive understanding of Trustworthy AI and explore the requirements that AI services must meet according to the AIC4 criteria catalogue.

Conversational AI RFI & RFQ template

Based on 100+ Conversational AI RFIs, we've compiled the most important questions you need answers to when selecting a Conversational AI platform for your business.


The Inner Circle Guide to AI, Chatbots & Machine Learning

Get the definitive analyst study of how AI, chatbots, and machine learning can be used in the contact centers.

Powering the Future of Healthcare With Conversational AI

Can Conversational AI help take the pressure off the healthcare system?

Transforming Contact Center Efficiency With AI

Learn how Conversational AI transforms and drives greater efficiency in contact centers.

Improving Customer Service With Conversational AI

Find out why Conversational AI should be considered a core part of any contact center.

HFS Research Names Cognigy a Hot Vendor

Learn why HFS analysts hand-picked Cognigy as a "Hot Vendor" in the HFS Q4 2020 report.

The Customer Service Future With Conversational AI

Explore how Conversational AI enables cost reduction, improves performance, and more.

Scaling Communications Using Virtual Agents

Get best practices for leveraging digital options, making use of virtual agents, and much more.

Conversational AI & RPA for a Best-in-Class CX

Take a closer look at what RPA & Conversational AI are and how they transform CX.

A New Era for Automation in Customer Service

Learn how Conversational AI increases efficiency, improves KPIs, and drives innovations in CX.

Transforming RPA With Intelligent Chatbots

Learn how intelligent chatbots & RPA can solve common problems enterprises face today.

The Ultimate WhatsApp Chatbot Guide

Learn how to develop & integrate chatbots with WhatsApp for customer service and commerce.

Driving Results With Intelligent Automation

Learn how to be innovative in maintaining business continuity during a challenging period.

Navigating the New Normal & Beyond

Get insurance industry insights from Chief Claims Officers and senior claims executives.

Conversational AI With Kofax Technologies

Find out how you can expand your business with existing clients through a chatbot solution.

CX Automation Now and For the Future

Prepare your organization with the right technology and expertise for operational readiness.

Using Chat & Voice Bots in Government

Find out how conversational automation is used to better communicate with citizens.

The State of Technology and AI in Contact Centers

Rethink the technology landscape to achieve unprecedented customer contact value.

Improving Customer ExperienceWith AI & Omni-Channel

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