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Maximize your CX returns with Conversational AI to deliver the automation, personalization and satisfaction your customers demand.

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Accelerate your time to value with ready-made  solutions for banking including built-in industry specific templates, terms and flows.

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Preloaded with Industry Data

Pre-trained intents and flows speed up design and deployment. Our solution accelerator covers a range of scenarios from account type comparison, credit card applications, loan and mortgage processes and more. 

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Pretrained on Financial Terms

Prebuilt lexicons with common terms, phrases and services for banks and financial services companies. 

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Automated Common Processes

Automate common service processes such as freezing a card, reporting travel, checking your balance, account updates, ordering a new card and more. 


Turnkey Solutions for Banking

Intelligent Conversational AI Agents help both customers and agents.

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Find nearest ATM

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Address Changes

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Account Questions

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Make Payments

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Report Lost Card

Cognigy Icon-_Discussion

Product Recommendations

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KYC Verification

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Open/Close Account

Cognigy Icon-_Investment

Loan Application

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And more...

Automated, Personalized & Compliant

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On Premise Installations

Deploy Cognigy in SaaS, dedicated or on-premises. Our microservices-based infrastructure guarantees the reliability, scalability and security. 

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Personalized Interactions

Cognigy's native LLM capabilities and GDPR-compliant Contact Profiles let you personalize bot output on the fly to match the customer history and sentiment. 
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Secure & Compliant

We take wide-ranging security measures to protect your sensitive data. Cognigy.AI fully complies with GDPR, SOC2, ISO 27001, ISO9001 and other stringent regulatory frameworks.





Customers Cash in on Better CX with 15% Lower AHT

Humm Group

Humm Group, a financial services provider operating across the globe, faced challenges in maintaining high-quality customer experiences without overburdening their contact center team as demand for their services exploded.

To address this, they collaborated with Datacom and Cognigy to develop a Virtual Assistant that provides 24/7 customer support.

Understanding over 94% of customer intents, it handles tasks such as opening or closing accounts and explaining fees and charges.  This has dramatically improved their resolution rate, decreased handling time and improved both the customer and agent experience. 

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Brendon Clark

Head of Workforce Management and Customer Improvement @Humm Group


I am truly impressed with the virtual assistant powered by Cognigy.AI. It has achieved a resolution rate of over 50% and our average handling time has significantly decreased, allowing us to provide faster and more efficient support to our customers by simultaneously increasing agent satisfaction.

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Enjoy the best of both worlds: the control, integrations, and reliability of Conversational AI combined with the unmatched flexibility of Generative AI to deliver remarkable self-service solutions.

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Human-Like Conversations

Engage your customers in natural, empathetic dialogues with our market-leading NLU technology, enhanced by Large Language Models (LLMs).


Personalized Interactions

Our Contact Profiles and native LLM capabilities let you personalize bot output on the fly to match the conversation history and customer sentiment. Learn more


Multimodal Experiences

Enable rich, interactive dialogues that accurately capture customer input by combining phone, web, and app channels in real-time.


Data-Driven Optimization

Uncover conversational insights as holistic or granular as you need with a built-in suite of KPI dashboards and drill-down step, message, and transcript analytics.


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