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Humm’s Virtual Assistant “Emm” Boosts Customer & Agent Satisfaction alike

Humm Group's "buy now pay later" service has been thriving. However, as demand increased, so did the need for customer support. With this in mind, the Humm Group has implemented their Virtual Assistant (VA), Emm, to provide 24/7 customer support, benefiting both customers and agents.

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Key Highlights


Resolution Rate


Intent Recognition


AHT Decrease 

Brendon Clark
Head of Workforce Management and Customer Improvement @Humm Group

I am truly impressed with the virtual assistant powered by Cognigy.AI. It has achieved a resolution rate of over 50% and our average handling time has significantly decreased, allowing us to provide faster and more efficient support to our customers by simultaneously increasing agent satisfaction.


About Humm

Humm Group is a finance provider that specializes in financing bigger purchases with a range of credit card and fixed-term installment products that are designed for consumers and SMEs.

Operating in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada and the UK.


Use Case

Virtual Assistant “Emm”, with its own personality and unique CI Design, provides round-the-clock support to customers and answers their requests.



Increased Agent Satisfaction

Reduced Average Handling Times

Improved Customer Experience

The Challenge

As the Humm Group continued to grow, they were faced with the challenge of maintaining high-quality customer experiences without overloading their contact center team. Head of Workforce Management and Customer Improvement, Brendon Clark, explains, "We wanted to get customers to self-serve as much as possible."



The Solution

Humm worked with Datacom, one of Cognigy’s Implementation Partners, to develop a new virtual assistant (VA), with Datacom drawing on the products and expertise of Cognigy. The project came together in a two-month window.

Emm, the virtual assistant, provides general customer support such as opening or closing an account, and explaining fees and charges. As a first stop for customers, it is always accessible and understands an average of 94% of uterrances. Brendon states, "The VA has been a game changer, especially for ‘buy now, pay later’ customers." Additionally, agents are benefiting from the solution, as they can read the previous conversations the customer had with Emm and provide a solution promptly.

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Cognigy's user-friendly platform, expertise in contact center automation, and genuine 'can-do' attitude tackling challenges made them the perfect choice.  We have full confidence that our collaboration will deliver exceptional outcomes to digital and CX experiences for Humm and their customers.

Dean Fox, Director Experience Technology @Datacom  

The Impact

According to customer surveys, the extended service that provides 24/7 answers to questions has had a positive impact. Even at late hours, customers appreciate having their queries answered. Emm has achieved a 50% success rate in resolving issues, and the conversation look-up function has decreased the average handling time for calls and increased customer and agent satisfaction.

This success has prompted Humm to explore other ways to use VA expertise by introducing a Cognigy.AI-powered virtual assistant to other products within its brands.

The company aims to integrate its VA with customers' accounts, allowing for personalized information to be accessed, such as balances and due dates. This integration would also reduce the administrative time for agents during customer transfers to the call center.

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24/7 VA Support

"The enormous possibilities to build Virtual Agents with Cognigy.AI exceeded our expectations. With our first use case we already achieved faster query resolution and happier customers and we are already planning to expand the usage."

Brendon Clark, Head of Workforce Management and Customer Improvement @Humm Group

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