AI Agents for Sales and Marketing

Boost Revenue and Loyalty with Proactive AI Agents for Sales

Turn proactive outreach into experiences customers love by accurately anticipating their needs.


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Engage customers with hyper-personalized service and turn interactions into transactions, fueling revenue growth with exceptional CX that scales

Elevate Outbound Calls to Wow Moments

Don’t settle for subpar, intrusive experiences that disappoint.

Cognigy's AI Agents leverage profound insights into customer profiles and context to proactively identify needs and customize conversations that align with individual journeys and preferences, ensuring a standout service experience.

How Our AI Workforce Fuels the World’s Leading Enterprises


Renewal & Upsell

Enables a European telecom leader to automatically contact customers before their contract expires and effectively manage renewal process.
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Sales Activation

Helps a global bank proactively follow up on abandoned loan applications and re-engage potential customers by transitioning them to a human advisor.
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Enables Toyota to proactively reach out to customers via phone and conveniently schedule services through a fully automated process.


growth in order volume

(a leading luxury retailer)


customer satisfaction rate

(a global car manufacturer)


NPS increase

(a European utility leader)

Harness AI along the Customer Journey

Proactively assist customers through the entire lifecycle – from initial awareness and purchase support to post-sales retention and advocacy.

AI Agents can provide real-time buying assistance, streamline transactions, and turn satisfied customers into vocal advocates, augmenting satisfaction and loyalty at scale.

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Awareness and Consideration

Boost Marketing and Sales Pipelines

  • From FAQs to Transactions: Help customers make informed decisions quickly and capture demand for further nurturing.

  • Discount and Deal Promotions: Increase order values with personalized promotions based on customer preferences.

  • Interactive Advertising: Boost engagement by allowing customers to ask questions within ads in real time.
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Run a Profit Center with Your AI Agents

  • Transaction Support: Offer real-time assistance throughout the buying process, easing decision-making and boosting conversion.

  • Upsells and Cross-sells: Provide targeted recommendations based on customer profiles and behaviors.

  • Reengaging Abandoned Carts: Send timely reminders and personalized incentives to recover lost sales.

Retention and Advocacy

Foster Loyalty with Proactive Engagement 

  • Post-Sales Support: Foresee customer needs and offer proactive support to resolve issues before they escalate.

  • Loyalty Programs: Keep customers engaged by informing them about reward status and how to benefit from their perks.

  • Encouraging Reviews: Make it easy and convenient to share positive experiences and attract new customers through trusted word of mouth.

Harness the Industry-Leading AI Workforce 

Whether you are looking for a cheerful shopping assistant or a veteran banking consultant, our AI workforce comes with the best-suited persona, skills, and qualities for the job.

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Humanlike Voices

Delivers hyperrealistic experiences with the most natural AI voices and empathetic support tailored to individual customer needs.


Knowledgeable Support

Quickly assimilates product information and support expertise, searching databases in real-time for the most accurate answer.


Omnichannel and Multimodal

Effortlessly integrates various voice and chat channels, along with diverse communication modes (e.g., images, audio, videos, and microsites...) to deliver rich, engaging, and efficient service.


Works with your Systems

Seamlessly integrates with your CRM, ERP, and backend systems, ensuring all customer interactions are connected, personalized, and streamlined.


Seamless Transition to Human Teammates

Our AI Agents for Sales are part of your contact center teams, collaborating closely with human sales and service reps.

These AI Agents handle routine tasks like cold calling and appointment scheduling and seamlessly hand over high-potential opportunities to human reps, allowing your staff to focus on nurturing relationships and closing deals.

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Change the Way You Engage with Customers

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