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Boost efficiency and customer satisfaction with personalized, instant support that reduces operational costs and drives sales through interactive shopping experiences.

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Preloaded with Industry Data


AI Agents pre-trained with intents, flows and entities to speed up design and deployment. 

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Pretrained on Ecommerce Terms


Prebuilt lexicons with the most used terms, for consumer goods, electronic devices, media and more. 

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Automated, Personalized Experiences


Automate and personalize common customer service processes like search, product recommendations, orders, exchanges, returns and more.


See AI Agents in Action

Discover how AI Agents can instantly respond to and support customers and transition to proactively assisting human agents after a warm handover. 

Change The Way You Engage

Enjoy the best of both worlds: the control, integrations, and reliability of Conversational AI combined with the unmatched flexibility of Generative AI to deliver remarkable self-service solutions.

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Human-Like Conversations

Fully understands customer intents, context, and sentiment to provide tailored service around their exact needs.


Multilingual Proficiency

Fluent in over 100 languages to help customers in their native language.


24/7 omnichannel availability

On-call round the clock to offer support when it matters the most - on the channel of customers’ choice (phone and messaging).


Turnkey Self-Service for Shoppers

Intelligent Conversational AI-powered virtual agents help both customers and agents.

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Order Tracking

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Exchanges & Refunds

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Delivery Options

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Product Search

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Rengage Abandoned Carts

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In-store Assistance

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And more...

Mister Spex:

Mister Spex, Europe's leading eCommerce retailer for eyewear serves over 7 million customers across 10 countries. Despite their best forecasting efforts, unpredictable inquiry spikes coupled with agent shortages remained a challenge. They realized the only reliable and sustainable way of handling their customer service challenges was adding AI Agents to their workforce.

Mister Spex began with a narrow use case, focused on a high-volume but low-complexity issue that can easily overwhelm contact centers: Where is My Order (WISMO) calls. 

They deployed a voice AI Agent to do identify the caller's intent, perform ID&V and either route the customer to a human agent or to a self-service process. 

Within the first three months, the results were undeniable. 

Read the full story.



Return Label Requests fully automated


Caller Verification Rate


Seconds Saved per Call


Correct Intelligent Routing 
(IVR previously 68%)

eBook: AI Agents for eCommerce & Retail

Explore how AI Agents are transforming customer service and delivering innovative solutions in e-commerce and retail now with our latest eBook. 


AI Agents for Retail  eCommerce


Scale Great Shopping Experiences

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Effortlessly Handle High Volume

With over 25k concurrent sessions and easy scaling, you'll deliver excellent customer service even during unexpected spikes in traffic.

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Be Where your Customers Are

30+ voice and digital channels out-of-the-box from iMessage to WhatsApp and Twitter so customers get help where it's most convenient for them. 

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Let Customers Mix & Match Channels

Customers can switch between channels like voice and messaging, within a single seamless experience whether at home or on the go. 



“The voice and chatbots become part of end-to-end business processes through integration with our existing systems. Customers can use the bots to resolve many issues independently. This gives our contact centers more time for individual topics."

-Catarina Steinert, Director of Customer Service

Loved by Customers

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Reviewer Function:

Research and Development

Company Size:

30B + USD



Excellent Choice for Complex Conversational AI at Scale

"The use of Cognigy AI has allowed us to build several bots, use cases and integrations at scale for different companies at once. It is in use for four different legal entities of our international corporation, with several new ones to follow. Major advantages that we saw over other vendors...


Reviewer Function:

Software Development

Company Size:

<50M USD


Healthcare and Biotech Industry

Feature-rich, and Stable Platform to Build a Sophisticated and Complex Product.

"Cognigy have provided exemplary support which is key to deploying sophisticated and complex solutions. What surprised me was that the platform is feature rich, but also robust - not a common combination in this space...


Reviewer Function:

Product Management

Company Size:

1B - 3B USD



Best Conversational AI Platform!

"Fantastic experience! Very responsive team and delivering new innovation quickly. The NLU is the best in the market and is extremely easy to build bots/virtual agents."


Reviewer Function:

Data and Analytics

Company Size:

30B + USD



The Highly Interactive and Profitable Customer Interaction System

"Cognigy.AI; is a complete enterprise conversational platform that we use daily to automate our interaction with our customers. It's AI technology offers us Chatbots and virtual assistants that interact effectively and intelligently with clients and employees and reply to them in real-time. ...


Reviewer Function:

Customer Service and Support

Company Size:

500M - 1B USD


Energy and Utilities

Bring Your Conversational AI Strategy To The Next Level With Less Code

We are using Cognigy since a year and have around 20 chatbots and 3 voicebots on the platform with above 1 million conversations. The product is ease to use, offers alot of prebuild integrations and is therefore a great product for enterprise usage, especially in a multi brand environment. The support acts fast and feature requests are always welcome and treated fast."


Reviewer Function:

Data and Analytics

Company Size:

1B - 3B USD



Most Flexible Conversation AI Platform

"The platform is a breeze to use. The set-up is done very quickly and it's all low code. Which gave us a lot more possibilities to speed up the process of creating flows and integrations with our back-end systems. They're very helpful in setting up the platform and helping to design the implementation plan."

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