Elevating CX in eCommerce: AI Agent Reduces Call Times and Optimizes Parcel Tracking

Mister Spex, Europe's leading digitally-driven omnichannel online optician serving over 7 million customers across 10 countries, has revamped its customer service strategy by integrating an AI Phone Agent with Cognigy.  This transition goes beyond simple operational improvements, representing a significant achievement in customer service by automating a challenging communication channel—phone interactions. 

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Return Label Requests fully automated


Caller Verification Rate


Seconds Saved per Call


Correct Intelligent Routing 
(IVR previously 68%)

Rose Schenk

Rose Schenk, Head of Service Excellence @Mister Spex


Our C-Level executives, agents, and customers alike have embraced the AI Phone Agent solution and acknowledge the positive impact on customer experiences. The results are excellent and achieved in just a 3-month window after Go-Live.



About Mister Spex

Mister Spex is the leading digitally-driven omnichannel online optician in Europe.

7M+ customers
10+ countries


Use Case

Mister Spex's AI Agent:

- Verifies customers over the phone
- Answers fully automated questions around whereabouts of parcels (WISMO)
- Sends out follow-up emails
- Is connected to CRM to retrieve knowledge 
- Forwards calls to the right agents, according to customers intent



70% caller verification rate

30 seconds saved per call

Where is My Order, 52% fully automated via AI

96% Intelligent Routing to right Support Team

88% Return Label Automation via Phone


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Mister Spex presents their story and key learnings [German]

The Challenge


Despite Mister Spex’s robust forecasting model for incoming calls based on historical data, trend analysis, and product-related marketing initiatives, they persistently faced the challenge of unpredictable peak times and agent shortages due to unforeseen factors like sick leave. Consequently, the customer excellence team recognized that managing high call volumes, resulting in extended hold times did not align with their customer-centric approach. The decision to automate the phone channel, aimed at improving customer service efficiency, alleviating agent workload and enhancing customer satisfaction.

The choice to kickstart automation with a Cognigy AI Agent on the phone channel was a carefully considered move. Mister Spex acknowledged that automating an existing channel was more promising than introducing an entirely new form of communication. Additionally, data revealed that a significant portion of incoming calls revolved around simple inquiries, with a third related to "Where is my Order (WISMO)." Mister Spex strategy was to automate routine questions by having an AI Agent welcome every customer calling in.


Challenge new

The Solution


The implementation of an AI Agent trained on common customer inquiries over the phone empowered Mister Spex to replace the entire IVR logic and beyond. The objective was to route customers to the appropriate specialized agent team based on their inquiry and automate the most common questions.

The AI Agent initiates customer verification by asking numeric questions, such as house number and postal code, minimizing errors compared to name or email verification over the phone.

After verification, the AI seamlessly connects to the CRM to retrieve order status. This eliminates the need for human intervention and enables accurate responses to customer inquiries regarding their packages. The AI's capabilities extend to automatically sending out an email with the same information, as well as a tracking number if available, ensuring a seamless follow-up.

The AI Agent therefore efficiently handles WISMO cases and takes over the customer ID&V, intelligently routing other cases to the relevant contact center agent. Thus, reducing the workload on the customer service team and ensuring that customers are directed to the right expert teams. Behind the scenes, Cognigy's AI Agent is seamlessly integrated with Genesys, a call center technology provider, and Microsoft, as CRM solution.

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The Impact

Mister Spex’s AI phone automation has yielded significant improvements in customer service operations. Over 70% of verifications are now seamlessly handled by the AI Agent, streamlining the authentication process. The AI Agent autonomously manages more than 50% of WISMO inquiries, providing quick and accurate updates on orders. Agent efficiency has notably improved, saving up to 30 seconds on every call, and enhancing overall customer service responsiveness. Functional reporting, with transcripts of every call, allows for immediate identification and correction of routing errors, ensuring a smooth customer interaction process. Future plans include expanding the AI Agent’s capabilities to cover cancellations and issue return labels, promising a broader range of automated functionalities. The planned introduction of Agent Assist/Cognigy AI Copilot aims to provide additional support and even more efficiency to the customer service team.


Automated WISMO


Decreased Hold Times


Intelligent Routing


We are convinced this innovative customer service approach is the future. We will continuously train our AI Agent to expand its capabilities in both customer and employee service, embracing the era of AI-driven experiences.

Maik Genseburg, Team Lead Service Operations @Mister Spex


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