Bosch augments the human workforce with conversational AI and empowers its employees

Robert Bosch is a global engineering and technology company with over 400k employees in more than 60 countries. Bosch is a pioneer in recognizing the revolutionary potential of conversational AI. The impact ensures Bosch delivers robust self-service, streamlined processes, and augments its workforce while simultaneously continuing to empower its employees.

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Key Highlights


Cost savings in the first 7 months for 1 Audit Bot

2 days

Development for 1 bot having 1,000 conversations a month


Bot projects worldwide

Ted Constan Robert Bosch
Ted Constan

Principle Product Owner @ Robert Bosch, LLC



Our goal is to free up the time of our employees to think and work more strategically. Bots are taking over a lot of administrative processes, all the things that are not the most desirable aspects of work. The intention is never replacing humans, but rather to make their lives easier with Conversational AI.




About Robert Bosch

Bosch is a multinational engineering and technology company. Its core operating areas are spread across four business sectors: mobility, consumer goods, industrial technology, energy, and building technology


Fast Facts

Revenue 2021:
EUR 78B+
Number of Employees: 400,000+



Use Case

Strategic platform to build virtual assistants for internal customers, employees, and clients across the entire cooperation





Accelerated automation

Future-proof workforce

Massive cost-savings

The Challenge

Bosch believes in the potential of conversational AI and the substantial necessity to invest in digital assistants in streamlining daily tasks.

Consequently, they wanted to implement a conversational AI solution that seamlessly integrates into their infrastructure while empowering business units and departments to build their virtual agents at scale.

Although they experimented with early pilots with point solutions running in various parts of the world, none proved to encompass the centralized, scalable enterprise solution they were looking for.

They started an extensive RFP to find a solution that would meet all their criteria. Cognigy.AI proved unparalleled in delivering the most advanced Conversational AI Platform.


The Solution

Bosch standardized on Cognigy.AI globally, creating a multitalented team that spans worldwide time zones. Entitled “The Bosch Chatbot Suite,” their dynamic solution engages internal customers through training and access to the platform while developing virtual assistants for their day-to-day work.

Hundreds of different bot projects have since been developed and deployed, often by the business units themselves, capitalizing on its simplistic integration and low-code interface functionality.

One virtual assistant was designed by the central auditing team. They created a chatbot that would investigate potential double payments from accounts payable. Cognigy.AI was integrated into the automation software to detect those double payments and correct them. When triggered, both the vendor and Bosch can communicate with the bot and provide information; the solution is thus able to reveal if a double payment was made. 


The Impact

Adopting the Cognigy.AI platform, Bosch has constructed a powerful foundation that massively accelerates automation and capitalizes the benefits of conversational AI within the enterprise. Cognigy.AI is deeply rooted in the company’s operational processes and proves successful across various use cases with immense cost savings. A single auditing bot out of more than 120 bots saved Bosch nearly €200,000 in just seven months. Harnessing the dynamic prowess of conversational AI, Bosch has elevated its standards for the future workforce.

Augmented human workforce

Augmented Workforce

Service Automation

Service Automation

Digital Assistants

120+ Digital Assistants

“Cognigy.AI is by far the best solution on the market for a multinational enterprise like we are. The people at Bosch who are using this technology love it, they are embracing it and they're taking it very seriously to develop genuinely interesting bots.”

Principle Product Owner @ Robert Bosch, LLC

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