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Real‑time intelligence for excellent live support

Cognigy's Agent Copilot equips service agents with essential tools and knowledge at their fingertips to swiftly and confidently manage customer queries across channels.


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Unlock agent productivity

Agents are under ever-growing pressure, and juggling multiple internal systems kills productivity.

Cognigy's Agent Copilot gives your workforce real-time assistance and knowledge shortcuts at every step of customer-agent interactions, so they can deliver high-quality support at speed. 




decrease in agent turnover

>3 min

 time saving with automated call wrap-up


CSAT improvement

Identity, Knowledge, and Sentiment Assist

The right information at the right time

Pick up cross-channel conversations with a head start. Give customers consistent and seamless experiences without having to re-explain themselves.


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Contextual handover

As live engagement starts, Agent Copilot retrieves relevant CRM data, query summaries, interaction history, and more, giving service representatives an easy overview of customer requests to start helping right away.

Real-time knowledge lookup

Don’t make agents switch applications and stumble from one knowledge silo to another. Agent Copilot automatically fetches knowledge articles and answers that your agents need as the conversation progresses.

Emotional intelligence with a boost

Empower agents to engage in compassionate conversations with customers by using sentiment analysis to take timely de-escalation measures or capture positive reviews.

Action and Language Assist

Successful service at speed

Help agents sort out customers’ problems in the shortest time and focus on a delightful service experience.


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Act in seconds

With action cues readily available in their interaction window, your team can tackle queries in an instant, saving time spent on tab switching and navigating complex internal systems.

Speak any language

Give agents the linguistic superpower to assist customers in their native language. Agent Copilot facilitates bidirectional, real-time translation during live support – to help you localize customer service at scale.

Drive customer-centric upsells

Identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities that are a win-win for your business and customers. Agent Copilot can listen for customers’ clues and combine them with CRM data at hand to recommend tailored offers that suit them best.


Wrap-up Assist

Automate busy work with one click

From live transcription and call summary to feedback collection, customer record updates, and more, Cognigy's Agent Copilot automates post-call busy work with ease.

Alleviate the strain on your workforce and enable them to handle more engagements in less time. Build customer loyalty with call transcripts that let agents effectively follow up on issue resolution.

Real-world business impact

Get new hires on board and up to speed fast with real-time access to knowledge and best practices from day one.

Shorten training time and costs

Help agents resolve complex queries with confidence by offering all the tools and resources they need in one place.
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Elevate agent experience

Deliver effective service as fast as a few clicks to cut hold time and expedite resolution.
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Reduce AHT and increase CSAT

Bring your own contact center

Together we are better

Agent Copilot is designed to be contact center agnostic, so you can connect all your critical systems regardless of vendor or whether they are on-premises or in the cloud.

No expensive rip-and-replace that slows down your business.


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Customizable to your need

Upgrade your existing agent desktop with AI-powered agent assistance or get started with out-of-the-box Cognigy Live Agent. Our dynamic Agent Copilot interface is fully customizable to your processes and requirements.

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Works with your systems


Agent Copilot seamlessly integrates into CRM, knowledge base, case management, and other enterprise systems, assisting agents in any informational requests and transactions.

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Voice and chat ready


Be it phone or messaging channels, Agent Copilot operates wherever your customers choose to engage. Take full advantage of rich media in messaging channels like galleries, file attachments, adaptive cards and more.


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Loved by Customers

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Reviewer Function:

Research and Development

Company Size:

30B + USD



Excellent Choice for Complex Conversational AI at Scale

"The use of Cognigy AI has allowed us to build several bots, use cases and integrations at scale for different companies at once. It is in use for four different legal entities of our international corporation, with several new ones to follow. Major advantages that we saw over other vendors...


Reviewer Function:

Software Development

Company Size:

<50M USD


Healthcare and Biotech Industry

Feature-rich, and Stable Platform to Build a Sophisticated and Complex Product.

"Cognigy have provided exemplary support which is key to deploying sophisticated and complex solutions. What surprised me was that the platform is feature rich, but also robust - not a common combination in this space...


Reviewer Function:

Product Management

Company Size:

1B - 3B USD



Best Conversational AI Platform!

"Fantastic experience! Very responsive team and delivering new innovation quickly. The NLU is the best in the market and is extremely easy to build bots/virtual agents."


Reviewer Function:

Data and Analytics

Company Size:

30B + USD



The Highly Interactive and Profitable Customer Interaction System

"Cognigy.AI; is a complete enterprise conversational platform that we use daily to automate our interaction with our customers. It's AI technology offers us Chatbots and virtual assistants that interact effectively and intelligently with clients and employees and reply to them in real-time. ...


Reviewer Function:

Customer Service and Support

Company Size:

500M - 1B USD


Energy and Utilities

Bring Your Conversational AI Strategy To The Next Level With Less Code

We are using Cognigy since a year and have around 20 chatbots and 3 voicebots on the platform with above 1 million conversations. The product is ease to use, offers alot of prebuild integrations and is therefore a great product for enterprise usage, especially in a multi brand environment. The support acts fast and feature requests are always welcome and treated fast."


Reviewer Function:

Data and Analytics

Company Size:

1B - 3B USD



Most Flexible Conversation AI Platform

"The platform is a breeze to use. The set-up is done very quickly and it's all low code. Which gave us a lot more possibilities to speed up the process of creating flows and integrations with our back-end systems. They're very helpful in setting up the platform and helping to design the implementation plan."

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