AI Agents for Healthcare

AI: Your Prescription for Better Customer Service

Deliver seamless and compliant service experiences for every patient on any channel and in any language with pre-trained AI Agents. 


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Cognigy’s AI Agents are your digital workforce in customer service, working tirelessly in phone and chat support, available 24x7, and fluent in 100+ languages to help your patients.

Voice Self-Service & Agent Assist in Action

Watch an AI Agent quickly handle issues with a medical device and later hand over to a live agent, pivoting to assisting the agent in real time.

Turnkey Healthcare Service Solutions

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Make & Change Appointments

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Pay Bills

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Update Insurance

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Common Medication Questions

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Digital Intake Process

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Provide Referrals

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Refill Requests

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Post-Discharge Engagement

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Recommend Doctors

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And more...

A Prescription for Better Patient Experiences

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Be Where your Patients Are

25+ voice and digital channels out-of-the-box from iMessage to WhatsApp and Twitter so customers get help where it's most convenient for them. 

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Treat Everyone in Any Language

Support for over 100 languages and bidirectional translation so patients can get help in their language and your agents can speak any language on-demand.

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Effortlessly Handle High Volume

With over 25k concurrent sessions and easy scaling, you'll ensure on-demand patient self-service, not a digital waiting room!


Don't Start from Scratch.

Start with Cognigy.

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Preloaded with Industry Data


AI Agents with pre-trained intents, flows and entities to speed up design and deployment. 

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Pretrained on Healthcare Terms

Prebuilt lexicons with the most used terms, for health insurance, medical conditions, appointments and more. 

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Automated, Contextual Experiences


Automate and personalize common service processes like appointments, filling out forms, answer common questions about medication, pay bills and more.

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Privacy First Deployment

Cognigy is HIPAA, GDPR and SOC2 compliant and gives you the option to deploy on-premises, on a private cloud, or public one. 


Secure & Compliant Self-Service

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AI Agents for Healthcare

Bolster your human workforce with AI Agents designed to support your agents and customers in real-time, on any channel. 


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Human-Like Conversations

Fully understands customer intents, context, and sentiment to provide tailored service around their exact needs.

Enterprise Knowledge

Pretrained in your support knowledge, industry know-how, and enterprise systems for superior query resolution.


24/7 Omnichannel Availability

On-call round the clock to offer support when it matters the most - on the channel of customers’ choice (phone and messaging).


Don't just take our word for it!

98% of customers are willing to recommend Cognigy. 

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Gartner Customer Choice Recognition

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Cognigy is recognized with Customers’ Choice Distinction in Gartner® Voice of the Customer for Enterprise Conversational AI Platforms


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