From Standard to Superb: Virgin Pulse Achieves 40% Containment Rate with AI

Virgin Pulse's Member Services team sought to revolutionize support through a fully trained AI Agent. As a first step, they focused on seamlessly integrating with Zendesk LiveChat, impeccable UX design, and deployment across multiple platforms. This yielded impressive results, marking a pivotal shift in member support within just a month of deployment.

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Ivana Suljetovic, Senior Front Line Manager, Virgin Pulse

Cognigy's cutting-edge technology has transformed our customer support, achieving an impressive 40% containment rate within a single month.



About Virgin Pulse

Global health engagement company that empowers members to get and stay healthy while helping organizations optimize investments in their people

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97% Intent Score

40% Containment Rate

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The Challenge

Virgin Pulse's Member Services team is globally active and present on 3 support channels – email, phone, and chat.  To back up General FAQ they relied on a keyword-recognition bot to provide customers with answers to common or individual questions. They reached a containment of 3% and wanted to improve this with a fully trained AI Agent fulfilling these three main factors:

1. Integrating the Cognigy AI Agent with Zendesk LiveChat, giving all information to the user within the chatservice – without using third-party links to other pages

2. Great UX, ensuring easy and intuitive navigations and dialogues to ensure a smooth experience

3. The AI Agent needed to be deployed on four different services - on the member page, login page, enrollment page, and Zendesk Help Center page and deliver the same features.

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The Solution

Virgin Pulse implemented a fully automated AI Agent equipped with the capability to discern member intents and provide answers sourced from articles on the Zendesk Help Center.

Virgin Pulse's approach ensured a hands-off maintenance process for user questions, orchestrated through automated pipelines tasked with fetching, converting, and uploading new articles from Zendesk. Comprising 29 different topic areas, the AI Agent boasted an impressive average Model accuracy score of 97%.

Additionally, the AI offers ticket creation and seamless transition to live agents. Virgin Pulse's strategy is that behind the scenes, the AI Agent is set-up in a way that it is easy to maintain and update to bolster user-friendliness. For training the AI Agent in as efficient and fast as possible, Virgin Pulse used the power of LLMs (GPT4).

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The Impact

In just over a month, the AI Agent solution implemented by Virgin Pulse has yielded a containment rate of approximately 40% increasing more than 10 times compared to the previous solution, marking a significant milestone in enhancing member support. This success translates into improved assistance from Member Services agents and a more efficient interaction experience for members compared to the previous system. Additionally, the AI Agent increased tremendously in popularity, doubling in user sessions – from 12K to 30K, acting as a further testament to usability and value add. Feedback from internal stakeholders and members alike reflects overall satisfaction with the AI Agents performance. As this marks the initial version of the AI, Virgin Pulse envisions further extensions and phases of development, laying the groundwork for advancing support services to members also over new channels like phone.

For their well-trained AI Agent and efficiency gains in just 1 month, achieving a clear ROI in a short time, Virgin Pulse won the Newcomer Champion Award 2024 from Cognigy.




UX Enhancement



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Cognigy is integral to maintaining our exceptional service across all channels, making it a critical part of our infrastructure. Antonio Dujmovic - Manager, Engineering, Virgin Pulse

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