Next-Gen Customer Support – Toyota’s Drive for Innovation is Limitless

Toyota is renowned for long-lasting vehicles and first-of-its-kind technical solutions. With Cognigy.AI, Toyota offers its customers a unique experience while adding value to more customer touchpoints. This includes seamless self-service via voice and chat and proactive outreach to vehicle owners by a digital assistant, a recipe for success that raises the bar for CX.

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Key Highlights




 Customer Support via IoT


Voice- and Chatbots

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Peter-Pascal Meik

Manager Innovation & Projects @Toyota


With Cognigy.AI, we’re able to provide our customers with real added value and deliver even better services and products.


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About Toyota

Toyota is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world, producing about 10 million vehicles per year.

Headquartered in Japan


Use Case

Voice- and chatbots that help customers with daily inquiries and alleviate workload on service agents

Voicebot “E-Care” that proactively calls vehicle owners when the warning light appears



Reduced waiting time on the phone

Human agents can focus on more complex customer communication

Prioritizing Safety – warnings are never ignored or forgotten

The Challenge

Toyota envisioned multiple use cases and sought a Conversational AI solution to build voice- and chatbots at scale. They wanted a platform to integrate into their systems to create smoother, more intuitive ways of communicating with their customers.

On one hand, they experienced peak times during which customers were seeking direct support. Service agents were swamped with requests, often about frequently asked questions. In another scenario vehicle owners often overlooked warning lights on the dashboard and did not contact dealers to get their cars serviced when required, leading to potential problems down the road.

Reducing the burden of repetitive tasks on customer service teams and ensuring vehicle owners are contacted proactively are two examples of challenges the Toyota Innovation Team wished to tackle.

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The Solution

Toyota selected Cognigy.AI to create exactly the digital assistants they envisioned. They decided on a platform strategy that allows them to cover multiple use cases and automate communication across different channels.

Their customer service can be reached via chat or phone, engaging customers in a natural dialogue with the virtual agent. If the customer prefers speaking with a human agent, or the issue is too complex, the virtual agent transfers and saves all the contextual information in Microsoft Dynamics for handover. The human agent can then reach out to the customer with a complete picture and already have a solution at hand instead of starting from the beginning.

To ensure that warning lights are not overlooked, Toyota decided on proactive customer service and developed a digital assistant called E-Care. E-Care is directly connected to the car’s onboard electronics. In case of an engine warning, customers are contacted via phone and can immediately make an appointment via the digital agent. At the same time, the digital agent informs the dealership, sharing all the relevant technical and warning data, so that they can prepare for the appointment in advance, saving both them and the customer time.


The Impact

Toyota’s forward-thinking conversational AI solutions create outstanding customer experiences and make life dramatically easier for contact center agents.

By reaching out to their customers proactively when the bot detects an engine warning Toyota ensures customers feel valued, have a safer driving experience and are saved the hassle of remembering to book a service appointment.

Car dealerships feel empowered as they can increase their customer stickiness and revenue while saving time calling customers about their vehicle.


Outbound Voicebot

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MS-Dynamics Integration

To relieve our service agents during peak times, we rely on intelligent self-service via voice- and chatbot, based on Cognigy.AI. This ensures our customers can get immediate answers to common questions 24/7."

Michael Schödder, Digital Integration & Consulting @Toyota

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