Cutting-edge Natural Language Understanding for human-like, memorable service experiences


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Cognigy NLU is the brain of our AI Agents to enable human-centered, sophisticated conversations that capture your customer needs while creating deeper, more personal connections

Truly Natural and Lifelike Experiences

Powered by advanced machine learning and neural machine translation technology, Cognigy’s market-leading AI engine offers outstanding recognition accuracy in any language, with minimum training required. [Source]

Leverage our unique inbuilt Large Language Model capabilities to generate responses that are context-sensitive, realistic, and empathetic – just like a human-to-human dialogue.

NLU Benchmarking


successful intent recognition*

*based on anonymized customer data


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prebuilt lexicon entities

Design Intelligent Conversations – Effortlessly

Built on deep learning technology and augmented with Large Language Models (LLM), Cognigy NLU delivers superior Intent Mapping, Entity Recognition, and Contextual Mapping.

Gracefully handle every customer request and navigate non-linear dialogues with dynamic context switching.

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Understand the Context

Built-in Contexts and Profiles let you gather conversation and user information from past interactions to deliver personalized, relevant dialogues.

Optimize Conversations

Deliver empathy through natural responses that resonate with the conversation context. Use our Slot Fillers to detect over-answering and avoid redundant steps.

Manage Disambiguation

Handle fuzzy requests or misspellings naturally and improve future intent recognition with automatic reconfirmations.

Recognize Input Variants

Prebuilt System Slots, enhanced with Generative AI, accurately capture different input formats on dates, numbers, duration, and more for advanced entity extraction.

Train and Deploy AI Agents Fast

Empower business and development teams alike to build and manage reliable intent models at scale.

Accelerate AI Training

Achieve the shortest time-to-market with a rich set of turnkey NLU resources and tools to develop your AI models rapidly.

  • Few-Shot Learning: Jumpstart AI training even with a small number of data samples
  • Pre-Trained NLU Models: Expedite rollout with a prebuilt suite of field-tested CAI templates (500+ user intents, 20,000+ lexicon entities, 100+ execution flows)
  • AI-Generated Training Data: Create a large set of reliable NLU resources – from example sentences to lexicon entities – within seconds leveraging Generative AI
AI-Generated Training Data - Cognigy - 2

Scale and Optimize NLU Management

Your AI Agents are only as smart as you train them to be. Cognigy provides best-of-market tools to help you optimize NLU accuracy with less training effort - no data science degree needed. 

  • Intent Analyzer predicts NLU model quality and real-world performance while providing real-time, intuitive feedback to speed up AI training.
  • Intent Hierarchies let you create a meaningful structure to improve recognition accuracy and orchestrate a fast-growing set of intents at scale.
Intent Analyzer-3-1

Deploy Multilingual Services at Speed

Expand into new markets fast without expensive manual translation and staffing issues. Leverage our turnkey support for 100+ languages to rapidly deploy a multilingual AI workforce while empowering human agents with linguistic superpowers.

  • Automated Localization: Auto-translate existing service flows and intent models in a few simple clicks
  • Real-Time Translation: AI Agents can switch languages on the fly with automatic language detection and in-context switching
  • Agent Augmentation: Enable both customers and service representatives to speak in their native language and let AI Agents handle live translation
Cognigy NLU Multilingual

Retain Unlimited AI Flexibility

Cognigy NLU not only provides best-of-breed deep learning and language understanding capabilities but also gives you complete flexibility and control over your AI pipeline.

  • Mix-and-match NLU engines with fully integrated connectors for DialogFlow, Watson, Lex, and more
  • Enrich CX with extended cognitive services like biometric authentication and image recognition, among others
  • Easily import and export intent models, lexicons, and other NLU resources across systems
  • Execute NLU data pre- and post-processing 
Cognigy.AI NLU Connectors

What Our Customers Have to Say

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“Cognigy.AI is by far the best solution on the market for a multinational enterprise like we are.”

Ted Constan

Principle Product Owner
Robert Bosch LLC


“The language understanding and the training ability of the AI are excellent.” 

Sarah Haider

Digital Manager Chatbot & Social Intranet
Salzburg AG


“We were impressed with the combination of Intents and NLU to understand which product and information the user was seeking.”  

Mike Pilman

Director of Technical Support Operations

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