Cutting-edge Natural Language Understanding for human-like, memorable service experiences


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Cognigy NLU is the brain of our AI Agents to enable human-centered, sophisticated conversations that capture your customer needs while creating deeper, more personal connections

Cutting-edge AI for Customer Service

Experience unmatched language understanding with our advanced machine learning and neural machine translation AI engine - minimal training required for maximum performance. [Source]

Leverage our unique hybrid AI capabilities to design context-sensitive, humanlike, and empathetic conversations that will astound your customers.

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Hybrid NLU to Level up Your CX

Harness superior intent recognition, entity extraction, and contextual mapping, powered by best-in-class Conversational and Generative AI. 

Combine the structured and outcome-specific nature of Cognigy NLU with the deep language understanding of LLMs to bring human-level automated conversations to life while maintaining control, compliance, and security.

Cognigy NLU + LLM

Contextual Understanding

Gather user information from past interactions with built-in Contexts and Profiles to deliver personalized, targeted dialogues. 

Empathetic Conversations

Grasp and respond to customer sentiment every step of the way. Dynamically generate natural, context-sensitive responses.

Digression Handling

Handle fuzzy requests or misspellings naturally and improve future intent recognition with automatic reconfirmations.

Intelligent Dialogues

Capture input variants with prebuilt System Slots for advanced entity recognition. Detect over-answering and bypass redundant steps using Slot Fillers.

Accelerate AI Training

Empower business and development teams alike to build and manage reliable intent models at scale.

  • Few-Shot Learning: Train AI quickly with a handful of data samples.
  • Pre-trained NLU Models: Leverage our suite of field-tested CAI templates that include 500+ user intents, 20k+ entities and 100+ flows.
  • LLM-Generated Training Data: Automatically create NLU resources like example sentences and lexicon entities in seconds with GenAI.
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Optimize NLU Performance

Enhance your AI agents' intelligence with Cognigy’s top-tier tools to boost NLU accuracy efficiently.

  • Hybrid NLU: Refine the NLU pipeline with GenAI for richer semantic understanding and ultra-precise intent ranking.
  • Intent Analyzer: Get real-time feedback on NLU model quality for streamlined training.
  • Intent Hierarchy: Manage large-scale NLU models with organized intent structures.
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Scale Multilingual Service at Speed

Expand into new markets fast with a multilingual AI workforce and empower human agents to speak any language.

  • Multilingual NLU: Leverage our turnkey support for 100+ languages and optionally enhance linguistic interpretations with LLMs.
  • Automatic Localization: Translate existing flows and intent models with a few clicks.
  • Real-Time Translation: Switch languages on the fly for self-service or assist service teams with live translation.
Cognigy NLU Multilingual

Retain Unlimited AI Flexibility

Maintain full control over your NLU pipeline and enrich AI Agents with advanced cognitive services

  • LLM & NLU Connectors: Stay at the AI cutting edge with our extensive suite of prebuilt AI connectors.
  • Extended AI services: Advance CX with any cognitive services (e.g., biometric authentication, OCR…).
  • Portability: Easily import and export intent models, lexicons, and other NLU resources across projects.
  • NLU Transformer: Meet enterprise requirements with data pre- and post-processing like PII redaction.


NLU & LLM Connectors

What Our Customers Have to Say

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“Cognigy.AI is by far the best solution on the market for a multinational enterprise like we are.”

Ted Constan

Principle Product Owner
Robert Bosch LLC


“The language understanding and the training ability of the AI are excellent.” 

Sarah Haider

Digital Manager Chatbot & Social Intranet
Salzburg AG


“We were impressed with the combination of Intents and NLU to understand which product and information the user was seeking.”  

Mike Pilman

Director of Technical Support Operations

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Craft Exceptional Service Experiences

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