>16 Million AI-Powered Conversations Yearly With Lufthansa’s Self-Service Agent

The challenges of extremely high customer expectations, constantly evolving regulations, and significant cost pressures during COVID-19 were effectively addressed using Cognigy.AI solutions. These difficulties paved the way for the development of scalable and widely utilized Self-Service AI Agents by Lufthansa passengers, which facilitate the management of rebookings, acess travel info, check alternatives flights or get refunds.

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Customer Service AI Agents


Conversations per Year


Average Handling Times


AI Conversations daily during Peaks


We believe Cognigy.AI to be the most comprehensive, user-friendly Conversational AI platform on the market today, which empowers our business users and developers to build advanced, multi-lingual AI Agents at scale.

Nick Allgaier, Product Manager "Digital Assistants" @Lufthansa Group Hub Airlines | Austrian, Lufthansa, SWISS


About Lufthansa

The Lufthansa Group operates worldwide and is the largest airline in Germany with over 105K employees.

Lufthansa is one of the founding members of the world's largest airline alliance, Star Alliance.


Use Case

16+ AI Agents in Customer Service

Available on FB messenger

Live-Chat Integration

Multilingual, Real-Time Translation



>16M conversations annually

Up to 375K conversations daily

Decreased AHT

Improved customer experience


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The Challenge

In the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, Lufthansa Group’s passengers desperately needed help. They flooded call centers and websites looking for up-to-the-minute information or to change or cancel their flights. Lufthansa Group had to act quickly to serve customers and scale its ability to respond to increased and overwhelming call volumes without adding cost or increasing headcount to manage the vast number of inquiries.

In such drastic circumstances, the existing in-house developed chatbot was not flexible enough and so Lufthansa decided to consolidate its customer service provisions under the umbrella of one platform. The fastest and most effective way to do this was with an AI-powered customer automation platform, which offered Lufthansa Group business units the ability to take control with minimal IT support.


The Solution

Lufthansa identified Cognigy as the best solution on the market to train AI Agents at scale, allowing it to create and operate AI Agents fast and with ease.

The introduction of Cognigy immediately gave Lufthansa the resilience it needed to handle extreme traffic spikes and deliver consistent customer support.

To enhance the effectiveness of their AI Agents, Lufthansa integrated them across multiple customer touchpoints, including their websites and through SMS links that provided direct access to self-service chat support.

The AI Agents were also equipped with multilingual support and real-time translation, ensuring a broader accessibility and personalization of customer interactions. This robust AI framework not only improved operational efficiency but also significantly boosted customer satisfaction by providing quick, reliable, and personalized service.

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The Impact

By leveraging AI-driven Self-Service Agents, the airline managed to significantly increase its interaction capacity, handling about 16 million conversations throughout the year with AI, with peak days seeing up to 375,000 interactions.

This approach enables Lufthansa to efficiently deal with high demand periods and unexpected disruptions like strikes, facilitating seamless rebookings and refunds.

By automating high volume routine queries human agents were freed to handle more complex issues, thereby increasing the overall quality of service. This technological advancement not only supports Lufthansa's operational goals but also strengthens its competitive edge in the airline industry by setting a high standard for customer service efficiency and innovation.


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>16M+ Conversations per Year




Significantly Lower AHT




Live-Chat Integration



"Starting with a Minimum Viable Product continuously adjusting to customer needs, the AI Agents now feature complex self-services across all  Lufthansa Group.

Nick Allgaier
Product Manager "Digital Assistants"
@Lufthansa Group Hub Airlines | Austrian, Lufthansa, SWISS

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