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Omnichannel conversation analytics suite for enterprise contact centers


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Cognigy Insights captures actionable data, content, and the outcomes of every customer interaction in every channel to deliver end-to-end visibility into your AI workforce operations

360° Analytics to Power Data-Driven CX - Voice and Messaging

Contact centers generate millions of data points daily, yet businesses grapple with monitoring them from start to finish and harnessing their immense potential.

Cognigy Insights empowers you to access, visualize, and leverage this rich data source to deliver superior service experiences and business outcomes.

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How Cognigy Insights Supercharges Contact Center Operations

Benchmark real-time performance against your SLA and critical KPIs to stay on top of service quality and stay agile when contact volumes surge.
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Real-Time Insights

Identify trends from past interactions to improve forecasting and contact center planning with a lean historical view of your data.
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Aggregated Insights

Zoom in on specific paths of the customer journey to discover friction points, identify root causes and optimize customer experience.
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Drill-Down Insights

Reinvent Conversational Experiences with Omnichannel Insights

Stay agile and make better decisions based on the latest data across channels and service processes. Uncover customer pain points and understand their origin to level up service quality and speed up resolutions.


Track Performance and Service Quality

Our powerful dashboards visualize your most important KPIs, from response time and handle time to channel engagement and NLU performance.

Correlate service metrics with customer ratings and feedback to quickly discover and clear bottlenecks that negatively impact customer satisfaction.

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Fine-Tune your Customers' Journey

Gain a deeper understanding of the customer journey by visualizing customer paths and instantly see where they get stuck or abandon.

Effortlessly review the transcripts of abandoned conversations to analyze the root causes of customer issues and optimize the experience for everyone.

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Augment Agent Productivity

By looking into overall agent performance as well as conversation content and data, supervisors can improve and tailor training as well as develop tools to help their team resolve customer queries faster.

Delve into NLU reports to explore trending customer intents, uncover new self-service opportunities and relieve agents from repetitive tasks to drive efficiency.

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Increase Contact Center Efficiency

With detailed insights into the conversation load, peak time, containment rate, handover trends, and more, contact center managers can better forecast future volume to optimize resource planning and staff scheduling.

Apply flexible filtering and zoom in on a specific timeframe, use case, language, and channel to surface hidden patterns.

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Insights Wherever you Need Them

Our OData interface lets you easily integrate Cognigy Insights with the reporting and analytics tool of your choice to leverage customer service insights across your business.

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Learn how to unlock the power of data with Cognigy Insights

Full-Stack Conversation Analytics Suite

Overview Dashboard

Overview Dashboard

Summarize your leading report KPIs in a single pane of glass

Engagement Reports

Engagement Reports

Understand customer engagement with achieved goals, ratings, escalation rate, and more

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NLU Reports

Spot what isn't working and enhance bot performance with relevant NLU metrics

Live Agent Reports

Live Agent Reports

Go beyond bot analytics and gain actionable insights into human-driven live support

Call Analytics

Call Analytics

Never miss a beat with 360° real-time and historical views of your call volume and performance 

Step Explorer

Step Explorer

Reveal valuable customer journey trends through step-by-step visual analysis

Transcript Explorer

Transcript Explorer

Dive into individual conversations with privacy-aware access to the entire conversation history

Message Explorer

Message Explorer

Zero in on important keywords for topic analysis and find patterns in the paths that precede and follow

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Unleash Data-Driven CX

Drive better experiences with omnichannel insights