Fully integrated Conversational AI Analytics Suite for 360° Insights

A powerful conversational AI analytics stack that enables enterprises to improve customer experiences and operational efficiency based on data-driven insights.

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Why businesses need better Conversational Analytics

Virtual Agents create millions of data points every day.
Yet enterprises struggle to decipher & extract value from it.
Their challenges?


Accessing Data


Analyzing Data


Acting upon data

Cognigy Insights provides enterprises with an easy and intuitive way to visualize, aggregate, and act based on the right data. All in one single platform, fully integrated with all Virtual Agents and processes.

How Cognigy Insights supercharges Conversational Automation

Use reliable data to optimize your bot & contact center operations. The result: A higher degree of automation, reduced support and operating costs.


Increased ROI

Gain deep understanding of customer journeys, preferences, and gather feedback to craft better experiences with smarter, user-focused decisions.


Enhanced end-user experience

Get easy and intuitive access to conversational KPIs. Monitor your virtual agents and contact center process and create actionable reports faster than ever.


Data-driven decisions

Powerful KPI Dashboards

Enterprise grade monitoring & reporting all in one place

Leverage the power of comprehensive dashboards to drill down and get a real-time overview. Cognigy Insights provides a wealth of data that can be mined to improve performance like channel engagement, goals, CSAT, handovers etc.

You can get as granular as you want with the ability to filter information based on categories like timeframe, use case, version, language, and channel.

Powerful KPI Dashboards

Step Explorer

In-depth understanding of user journeys

Utilize the intuitive Step Explorer tool to map and analyze automated and agent-triggered interaction steps in a visual environment. It is designed for highly accurate tracking of user behavior and meaningful data aggregation helping you to spot friction, surface patterns, and correlations that might otherwise go unnoticed using text-based data analysis approaches.

Step Explorer

Human-to-Human Conversational Analytics

Understand manually handled business processes with ease

Do not limit yourself to just bots, take one step further & analyze interactions after an agent handover. With Cognigy Insights, you can keep track of steps, goals, and successes of human-to-human interactions. It employs Cognigy's AI-powered NLU to extract insights from the conversation content that empower you to optimize automation and contact center operations. 

Human to Human Conversational Analytics-

NLU Performance

Optimize your bots' performance with actionable insights

Give your bots the skills they need to meet user expectations and deliver a flawless conversational experience. Cognigy Insights records and aggregates core NLU metrics like understood/misunderstood messages, top intent score, etc. These actionable NLU insights empower you to spot what is not working up to the mark & improve the bot performance to achieve better NLU accuracy with minimal training effort.

_Chatbot Engagement

Transcript Explorer

Reduce conversational friction with qualitative analysis

Track the entire user life cycle by drilling through user conversations. Cognigy Insights allows you direct access to optimize NLU and delve into Conversation Flows. It enables you to view the entire chat history of past user sessions, including handovers, agent messages, ratings and much more.

Further, we ensure an additional layer of security to protect user privacy with privacy-aware access to live data.

Transcript Explorer

Message Explorer

Drill into aggregated scripts to generate actionable insights

Spend less time combing through conversation scripts to find the data you need to efficaciously train your bots. Our platform helps you to drill through conversations to see what path was taken before and after certain keywords. This enables you to quickly identify patterns, group large sets of similar user utterances, and quickly gain information to optimize your virtual agents.

Message Explorer

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