Cognigy Live Agent

Elevate customer experience and increase team productivity with an enterprise-ready agent platform that enables service teams to communicate in real-time and asynchronously with customers and employees.

It provides Contact Centers with an AI-powered, fully integrated toolset that enables better customer services at scale.

Measurable Impact with Human & AI Teamplay


Average CSAT Improvement


Lower Implementation Cost Compared to In-house Solutions


Concurrent Live Agent Sessions Supported

Empower your Agents to Work Smarter and Faster

With changing consumers preferences and an ever-increasing number of interaction channels, enterprises need better management of their customer service processes.

Conversational assistants play a key role in helping enterprises excel at their customer service operations, but human agents are essential to deliver differentiated experiences.

Cognigy Live Agent empowers agents to provide excellent customer service by assisting them with AI.

Empower your agents

Omni-channel Excellence

Expand customer and employee services to any business or consumer channel without additional training or coding efforts

Streamlined Workflows

Intelligent Routing ensures that any customer request takes the shortest path to resolution: By involving the right agent or sending the request to an intelligent, transactional bot

Empowered Agents

Boost your human agents' performance with real-time recommendations from AI that listens and learns from ongoing conversations

Real-time Insights

Advanced insights into conversations carried out and on agents' performance to enable better decision-making for improved customer service

AI-Powered Agent Assist

Human agents take over the complex queries coming in and they are able to resolve them faster with the knowledge augmented by AI.

Proactively listening and continuous learning makes AI smarter with every conversation that human carries out.


AI-based Contextual Suggestions

Pro-active contextual AI suggestions for next best actions and responses


Smooth Transitions

Granular linking of humans and automated processes for one-shot handovers


Intelligent Routing

Conversations routed to the right available agent


Data-driven Optimization

In-depth interaction analysis to boost automation


Agent Workspace

Cognigy Live Agent comes with pre-built rich features that every human agent demands and its intuitive UI makes technology adoption easy.

It is a highly flexible solution that meets every business need and transforms the existing customer service operations.


Collaborative Space

Unified workspace for agents / teams for efficient case handling


Canned Responses

Easy access to pre-written messages and knowledge base content


Intelligent Actions

Ease of file transfer, take private notes, tool notifications, add attributes etc.


Enterprise-wide Role-Based Access

Team access to the data based on their defined role


Advanced Analytics

Access to agent performance reports, other KPIs and analytics to monitor efficiency and effectiveness


Classification and Handovers

Label and classify your conversations and assign/escalate it to relevant agents


Connect Any Channel to
Cognigy Live Agent

Powering omni-channel support with pre-built connectors to 20+ channels


Empowering Human Agents to Deliver Excellent Customer Service

Delight your customers by augmenting human agents with AI and get insights into every customer interaction 


Enhanced Productivity

  • Increased First Contact Resolution Rate (FCR)
  • Lower Average Handling Time (AHT) with AI-powered suggestions
  • Ease of collaboration across multiple teams

Increased Customer Experience

  • 10-15% average CSAT improvement
  • Up-to 99.5% faster query response resulting in shorter waiting time
  • 100+ languages supported with real-time translation

Efficient Operations

  • 3X reduced development cost when built in-house
  • Less than 3 months deployment time
  • Reduced risk with increased control over data and data loss prevention
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Cognigy Live Agent

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