Agent Assist

Real‑time intelligence for excellent live support

Respond to and resolve customer inquiries across any channel with the right tools and knowledge at your agents’ fingertips.


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Unlock agent productivity

Agents are under ever-growing pressure, and juggling multiple internal systems kills productivity.

Cognigy's Agent Assist gives your workforce AI-powered coaching and direct access to essential resources at every step of customer-agent interactions, so they can deliver high-quality support at speed.  



decrease in agent turnover


CSAT improvement


 shorter average handling time (AHT)

The right information at the right time

Pick up cross-channel conversations with a head start. Give customers consistent and seamless experiences without having to re-explain themselves.


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Warm handover with context

As live engagement starts, Agent Assist retrieves relevant CRM data, past user sessions, and more to provide agents with the complete picture of customer needs.


With transcript summaries, your team can quickly understand open queries and save time going through the entire interaction history.

Real-time knowledge lookup

Don’t make agents switch applications and stumble from one knowledge silo to another. Agent Assist listens in on live chats and calls, detects customer intents, and automatically fetches knowledge articles and answers they need as the conversation progresses.

Emotional intelligence with a boost

Empower agents to lead compassionate conversations that resonate with customers’ emotions. Sentiment analysis recognizes subtleties in customers’ responses, helping agents to take timely de-escalation measures upon handover or thoughtfully capture positive reviews.


Successful service at speed

Help agents sort out customers’ problems in the shortest time and focus on a delightful service experience.


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Act in seconds

Tackle queries in an instant with real-time guidance on the next best action or response. With action cues readily available in their interaction window, your team can promptly act without having to switch applications and navigate complex internal systems.

Speak any language

Give agents the linguistic superpower to assist customers in their native language. Our AI Agents facilitate bidirectional, real-time translation during live support – to help you localize customer service at scale.

Drive customer-centric upsells

Identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities that are a win-win for both you and your customers. Agent Assist can listen for customers’ clues and combine them with CRM data at hand to recommend tailored offers that suit them best.


Accelerate call wrap-ups

From live transcription and call summary to feedback collection, customer record updates, and more, Cognigy's AI Agents automate post-call busywork with ease.

Alleviate the strain on your workforce and enable them to handle more engagements in less time. Build customer loyalty with call transcripts that let agents effectively follow up on issue resolution.

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Real-world business impact

Get new hires on board and up to speed fast with real-time access to knowledge and best practices from day one.

Shorten training time and costs

Help agents resolve complex queries with confidence by offering all the tools and resources they need in one place.
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Elevate agent experience

Deliver effective service as fast as a few clicks to cut hold time and expedite resolution.

Reduce AHT and increase CSAT

Bring your own contact center

Together we are better

Cognigy's AI Agents are designed to be contact center agnostic, so you can seamlessly connect all your critical systems regardless of vendor or whether they are on-premises or in the cloud.

No expensive rip-and-replace that slows down your business.

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Choose what you need

Plug Agent Assist into your existing agent desktop or get started with out-of-the-box Cognigy Live Agent

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Work with your systems

Integrate Cognigy.AI into your CRM, knowledge base, case management, and other customer service systems with ease. Visit Cognigy.AI Marketplace.

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Ramp up rapidly

Deploy Agent Assist on any service channels – voice or text – without extensive training or coding knowledge. Explore Cognigy.AI.

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Excellent service.
Happier agents.

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