Embrace the future of work by bringing Cognigy.AI & UiPath together

As businesses grow in size and scope, it becomes quite cumbersome to have personalized engagements and execute multiple processes swiftly. As a result, employees are left to navigate through a plethora of complex and confusing Employee Self Service (ESS) HR systems that are often disconnected. All this leads to traffic jams among employees, their managers, and HR staff that eventually creates a bad employee experience—undermining the whole purpose of ESS. But what is a promising solution to this employee experience conundrum?   

Imagine a digital assistant that performs tedious tasks on the go with personalized interactions, be it proactively recommending vacations on your preferred channel or submitting expense reimbursements on the fly. This significantly reduces the workload of frontline HR employees, allowing them to focus on other critical parts of the HR function without any distraction. Therefore, by leveraging the synergies of Cognigy.AI & UiPath platform, the enhanced experience can be delivered to boost HR efficiency & elevate the employee experience 

Watch the video below to see how chatbots supercharged with intelligent automation eliminate mundane tasks from an employee’s process and advance the potential of the workforce.

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