Conversational AI in E-Commerce

Businesses that use Conversational AI for e-commerce - for product selection and customer service - are providing experiences that convert a higher rate of new customers, retain more existing customers, and increase revenues through up-selling and more satisfied online shoppers. So much so that Juniper Research predicts 70% of chatbots accessed will be retail-based by 2023.

Conversational AI makes it easy for online shoppers to find exactly what they are looking for, fast. The consumer simply needs to ask, using their own words, and the chatbot provides accurate, quick answers, assisting them with effortless online purchases. Furthermore, conversational data can be used to provide personalized recommendations and create better shopping experiences and increased loyalty.

For example, let’s say an online shopper purchased a hat. To complement it, the chatbot suggests some gloves that just went on sale. The chatbot may already know her sizing, color choices and preferred styles or brands. She asks if they come in leather because she doesn’t like angora, and if they are true to size. The chatbot finds a pair in leather, and then locates comments in the reviews about sizing, which helps her make a decision.

With this experience, not only has the sale value increased, but you’ve learned more about the customer’s specific tastes to help with future sales.

Watch this video to see how AI chatbots can influence virtual shopping experiences.

Jessica Gopalakrishnan is a marketing strategist experienced in accelerating growth at early stage and mature startups. As the Senior Director of Marketing at Cognigy, she is focused on demand generation strategies for the North American market, as well as advancing global awareness about Conversational AI and customer service automation.