Combining Voice Bot, RPA, OCR for Faster Customer Service

RPA is an ideal technology to make the agent's life easier and significantly reduce average handle time. However, chatbots and voice bots optimize it even further for both the agent experience and the customer experience. By using Conversational AI together with RPA, an entire interaction can be handled instantly without human effort, reducing handle time to seconds rather than minutes.

In this Showcase idea:

• A customer has applied for a home loan and calls the bank using his mobile phone to find out the status of the loan.

• The voice bot tells the customer he has an outstanding document (a pay stub). Within the same phone conversation, the bot sends the customer a link so he can upload a photo of his pay stub.

• Once the photo is uploaded, the voice bot confirms that the file was received and that the loan application will continue to be processed.


The whole transaction happened in under 2 minutes.

By combining RPA, OCR and Conversational AI, the customer was able to express what they wanted in natural language, and the voice bot responded in a way that felt natural, while resolving the customer's inquiry quickly.

To hear the full conversation on Extending CX Using Conversational AI and RPA with Derek Roberti, VP of Technology at Cognigy and Bradley Metrock, CEO of Project Voice and host of the This Week in Voice podcast, watch the video clip:

Jessica Gopalakrishnan is a marketing strategist experienced in accelerating growth at early stage and mature startups. As the Senior Director of Marketing at Cognigy, she is focused on demand generation strategies for the North American market, as well as advancing global awareness about Conversational AI and customer service automation.