Automating HR Services & Support with Chatbots

Human Resources teams face the same challenges as all teams: do more with less, and scaling up and down. HR teams juggle a demanding role of supporting hundreds even thousands of employees across a multitude of functions. Yet, they don’t often have the tools or technology to help them.

From simple FAQs to secure, complex conversations, Conversational AI chatbots help Human Resources teams by alleviating the handling of day-to-day questions and peak time inquiries, while also maintaining a personal level of communications.

In this example, an employee tells the “HR Agent” that he/she needs to submit an invoice for an expense report. The HR Agent walks the employee through the process, capturing an image of the report through the employee’s camera, and submits it – resolving the employee inquiry in under a minute.

Advances in Conversational AI are transforming workflows and processes for the HR department. By having employees find answers via virtual agents, HR professionals are freed up to focus on other projects.

Common use cases of Conversational AI automation in Human Resources:

- Benefits (eg health insurance or retirement)
- Time off and leave of absence (eg maternity leave)
- Changes to personal information
- Onboarding
- Performance review
- Recruitment

With AI advancements like chatbots and voice bots that assist employees faster, Human Resource management will become a higher value-adding department within the enterprise.

Sebastian Glock is the Senior Technology Evangelist at Cognigy where he acts as a mediator between technology & business. He has advised top-tier companies in Europe and North America in digital projects and is a seasoned speaker at international conferences and events.