Self-Service Across Channels for Airlines

Picture yourself standing in line at the airport with your bag in one hand and your phone in the other. You need to get your flight status and you want it to be as simple of a process as possible. 

Also put yourself sitting at the gate with your laptop open and you want to know what time you'll be arriving.

Airlines are realizing the value of Conversational AI across channels not only for raising the satisfaction level of flyers, but also for greater efficiency. They are putting themselves in the shoes of their customers and making their experiences better, easier and faster.

Watch the following 1-min. video to see examples of airline self-service:


Whether you are standing in line at the airport and calling in on your phone or sitting in the airport lounge in front of your laptop, Cognigy.AI lets users communicate in their own words.

By accessing real-time data, Cognigy helps users get the information they need and complete end-to-end transactions on whichever channel fits their situation.

See how Cognigy.AI lets you build conversations once and publish them across any voice or text channel.

Derek has spent the last 15 years working with Marketing Technology in the Enterprise. He joined Cognigy, Inc. in 2018 as the VP Technology to bring conversational AI to the North American market.