Government Services Bot | Unemployment Claims


When workers lose their jobs, they need help. One of the first places they turn to is their state unemployment agency to understand how they can get financial assistance while looking for a new job. This year, more people than ever before have filed unemployment insurance claims, most of them navigating the system for the first time. While the need for unemployment benefits is greater than ever, the resources for serving job seekers are mostly unchanged.

Intelligent automation technologies such as RPA, business process automation and conversational automation are the only way agencies can keep up with unprecedented demand without significantly expanding headcount.

Automating conversations allows claimants to ask questions, provide information and submit documentation using a natural language interface. Users can solve problems quickly using their own words in their channel of choice – from your website to SMS to a mobile app or social.

Automating processes relieves human workers from the burden of manual data entry, paper-heavy workflows and working across multiple different systems to file and manage claims.


Automation is the key to serving citizens more effectively without significantly increasing costs. At a time when the need is so great, fast and efficient processing is more important than ever.

While this is clearly the case for workers who have lost their jobs, it's true for many cases where government services have to scale quickly. During natural disasters, citizens need information on current conditions, shelter locations and evacuation orders. When people are rebuilding after floods or fires, they want to understand how FEMA or other government agencies can help. And in good times, when vacationers are planning their summer vacations, they need to book campsites or get hiking permits.

All of this is possible with Cognigy.AI. We combine industry-leading conversational automation technology with integrations into OCR, RPA and business process automation systems. We make government more efficient while making citizens' lives better.

Watch the video above to see Cognigy.AI in action.

Derek has spent the last 15 years working with Marketing Technology in the Enterprise. He joined Cognigy, Inc. in 2018 as the VP Technology to bring conversational AI to the North American market.