Elevating Phone Bots with AI-powered Voice Biometrics

There is nothing more intuitive than having a natural conversation with a voicebot where users don't have to think about a list of alternatives to pick from or utter a specific passphrase; instead, they can just say what they want, and the voicebot answers quickly.

But what if the voicebot has to process personal or business-critical data? In such a scenario, it is extremely important to not only ensure a seamless and fast customer experience but also to keep access to a user‘s data safe and secure.

By integrating cutting-edge voice verification solutions with conversational IVRs, organizations can execute effortless end-to-end authentication and fraud prevention by verifying users’ identities with the voice within seconds. Overall, it streamlines the whole process of user identification and authentication to deliver a personalized user experience.

Watch the video below to see how Phonexia’s AI-powered voice biometrics technology works in conjunction with Cognigy.AI to enable a frictionless conversational experience while maintaining security robustness.

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