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Salzburg AG saw significant increases in customer and staff satisfaction with its omnichannel AI chatbot – LEA. 

Sarah Haider

Digital Manager Chabot & Social Intranet @Salzburg AG


At Salzburg AG, we want to embrace new technologies that help our customers while increasing our overall brand stickiness. Back in 2018, we already knew that conversational AI would have a meaningful impact on our service quality in the next years.

Customer Experience Specialist, Sarah Haider, gives insights on how to generate successes with virtual agents!


About Salzburg AG

Salzburg AG is a utility company providing energy, telecommunications, and transport networks & infrastructure.


Fast Facts

2,500 Employees
24,000+ Customers
Revenue 2020: 1.45B EUR
Headquarter: Salzburg, Austria

7 Agents

Cognigy Use Case

B2C customer service and consulting on all available channels.

Data Mangament-icon


>400 recognized intents
>122,000 dialogues p.a.
>7,000 trained samples

The Challenge

Salzburg AG receives more than 400,000 phone calls and 100,000 text-based customer service contact requests annually. In most cases, customers are asking general questions relating to products and services. However, some requests are highly complex.

Therefore, the goal was to relieve the pressure on service teams by introducing an AI-powered virtual assistant working across all channels and handling most inquiries. The virtual assistant needed to free Salzburg AG's customer service teams to enable them to focus on customers with complex questions and requests.


The Solution

Salzburg AG created "LEA" aka Learning Electronic Assistant, using Cognigy.AI conversational platform. LEA resolves customer and employee requests across all communication channels and services and will hand the communication over to a personal customer service representative as a "Live Chat" when necessary.

For the end customer, LEA is evolving to handle more inquiries with satisfaction, and as it learns, it continues to reduce the burden placed upon the customer service representatives. Its evolution is down to Cognigy's innate ability to analyze conversations and interpret intents.


The Impact

LEA has recognized more than 400 intents and is trained on over 7,000 sample sentences.

It has also received approximately 122,000 messages from over 24,000 unique customers in 2020.

For Salzburg AG, Cognigy has addressed the need for increased customer loyalty by providing an intelligent learning chatbot available 24x7, giving the customer service team greater job satisfaction by removing mundane and repetitive inquiries.

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Over 400 Recognized Intents

Recent Post

Trained on +7,000 Samples


>122,000 Messages Automated


+24,000 Unique Customers Supported

"Cognigy.AI does what it promises: non-IT people can develop a functioning chatbot in minutes. The language understanding and the training ability of the AI ​​are excellent."

Sarah Haider
Digital Manager Chabot & Social Intranet @Salzburg AG

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