Knowledge AI-Powered Agent Excels in Delivering Customized Experiences Achieving Over 58% User Growth

Salzburg AG has significantly enhanced both customer and staff satisfaction with its multimodal Digital Chat AI Agent – LEA, which now integrates a variety of services including energy, telecommunications, water, e-mobility, photovoltaics, public transportation in Salzburg, and popular tourist offerings in Austria.

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Insights from Salzburg AG on Successfully Operating a GenAI-Powered Self-Service Agent [German]

Sarah Haider Salzburg AG Quote
Sarah Haider

Digital Manager Conversational AI  @Salzburg AG


At Salzburg AG, we were not only one of the first energy supply companies to use an AI Agent, but we are also the first utility company to expand its AI Agent to include a GPT solution. This enables us to offer a state-of-the-art service channel for our customers. And Cognigy Knowledge AI is a key enabling technology.


About Salzburg AG

Utility company providing energy, telecommunications, and transport networks & infrastructure.

2,500 Employees
450,000+ Customers


Use Case

A multimodal, self-service digital Chat AI Agent which handles end-to-end question answering, processes orders, and seamlessly transfers interactions to live agents with full context



160,000 customer interactions annually
Trained on over 400 intents
Powered by Knowledge.AI
Saves 2,500 calls to the contact center every month
Over 4,000 orders 

The Challenge

Salzburg AG identified a significant opportunity in leveraging Conversational AI to support its customer service operations for its customer base of over 450,000.

These interactions ranged from simple queries to complex requests across diverse services. The objective was to alleviate the workload on the customer service team by deploying an AI Agent capable of efficiently managing routine interactions while integrating up- and cross-selling functionalities.

This would allow human agents to focus on more complex issues. As a Green Tech leader, Salzburg AG aimed to be an early adopter of futureproof technologies, using Contact Center AI to offer self-service opportunities, showcase its innovation potential, and increase automation.

The Challenge Salzburg AG

The Solution

Cognigy.AI was chosen in 2018 as the optimal solution to meet their customers' needs. Salzburg AG trained "LEA" (Learning Electronic Assistant), a Self-Service AI, later enhanced with Cognigy Knowledge AI for more context-sensitive responses.

This innovative AI Agent uses Generative AI technology to better understand and respond to customer intents with unprecedented accuracy, ensuring smooth handovers to live customer service representatives when necessary.

The development and continuous evolution of LEA not only incorporates the latest in technology but also prioritizes conversation design and empathy. LEA's personality and avatar reflect the company's values, demonstrating competency and humor, while also taking each customer request seriously and maintaining a self-confident, charmingly cheeky demeanor.

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The Impact

LEA has expanded its capacity to address over 400 different topics and manages over 160,000 messages annually, significantly reducing the workload of customer service teams. She saves 2,500 customer service contacts each month and manages over 4,000 orders from start to finish. LEA's capabilities have evolved to provide customized responses to complex inquiries, such as public transport ticket purchases directly through the chat interface, showcasing its adaptability to diverse service demands.

With the integration of GPT in 2024, orchestrated with Cognigy.AI, LEA's responses have become even more specific and context-aware, marking Salzburg AG’s commitment to pioneering in customer service automation.

This Generative AI-powered evolution of LEA, based on Cognigy Knowledge AI, has not only optimized operational efficiency but also significantly enhanced customer interactions, earning an 89% customer satisfaction rate.

GenAI Powered

Powered by GenAI & Knowledge AI

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160,000 Automated Chats a Year


89% User Satisfaction Rate

Sarah Haider Salzburg AG
Our customer service team truly appreciates the collaboration with the Digital Chat AI Agent. It efficiently handles routine inquiries and precisely manages orders, saving us around 2,500 calls each month. This reduction in call volume allows our agents to dedicate more time to engaging with customers who have complex requests.
Sarah Haider
Digital Manager Conversational AI at Salzburg AG

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